Five Bible Lessons for Kids on St. Patrick’s Day

Five Bible Lessons for Kids on St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for a fun Bible lesson idea to tie in with the upcoming St. Patrick’s day holiday?  Check out these lesson ideas!

St. Patrick's Day Church Lessons

#1 Parallels Between Joseph of the Bible and St. Patrick

Joseph and St. Patrick: How Alike were they?

Dig a little deeper into the book of Genesis and take a look at the similarities between Joseph and St. Patrick.  Check out this post from Children Church Ministry to get you started.

#2 Treasures in Heaven

Treasures in Heaven

Leprechaun’s can’t get enough of that shiny gold stuff, and sometimes we’re tempted to chase after the same thing!  Use these fun coloring pages from Preschool Printables to teach children about what really matters in life.

#3 The Shamrock and the Trinity

Shamrock's and the Trinity

Just like St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach about the Trinity, you can use these amazing resources from Preschool Printables to explain the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

#4  Rainbows, Snakes, and Good Luck

Raving about Rainbows

This post from Creative Youth Ideas takes three common symbols associated with St. Patrick’s day and uses them for a biblical teaching point.

#5 Patrick and the BeAttitudes


Valerie over at The Crafty Classroom has put together a terrific set of Beattitude themed shamrock printables, perfect for St. Patrick’s day.  Patrick exhibited many of the characters of Matthew 5.  You could begin with this great video and then discussed how he displayed various beattitudes and how we can do the same in our lives.

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Raving about Rainbows

Teaching Kids About the Trinity 

Reading at Home

Looking for something simple to do at home?  Check out the books The Story of St. Patrick: More Than Shamrocks and Leprechauns or The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day.

The Story of St. Patrick

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