5 Valentine’s Day Fun Activities {Preschool Homeschool}

5 Valentine’s Day Fun Activities {Preschool Homeschool}

Are you looking for some terrific preschool activities centered around Valentine’s Day?  Here are a few activities that have been a big hit in our household!

#1 Valentine Candy Shop with Chocolate Play Dough

DSCN0588 300x199 Valentine Candy Shop with Chocolate Playdough! My kids had a blast last year playing with the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset.  This year, we decided to use some muffin tins, Valentine cupcake holders, and mad sprinkles to make some Valentine’s Day cupcakes. Valentine's Day Cupcakes (Pretend Play)

#2 Strawberry Tarts

Every year, around Valentine’s Day we read the book, Pigs in Love.  It’s a cute story about different ways to show love to one another and one of those ways is to make some strawberry tarts!

51ckOSURHdL. SL500 AA300 Pigs in Love {Book Review}

My daughter (4 years old) loves this tradition and I have to say, her strawberry tart making skills have seriously improved since last year!  This is the recipe we used this year, and I must say — the crust was DELICIOUS! Strawberry Tarts

#3 Customized Valentine Handwriting Practice

Heart Balloons Worksheet

These super cool sheets from Twisty Noodle can say anything you want (up to 30 characters) and your little one can send truly personal Valentines out to family and friends!

#4 Valentine’s Day Card and Candy Shop (Dramatic Play)

DSCN0685 300x225 Valentine Shop: Candy and Cards! {Dramatic Play} The kids had a blast with this one!  We threw a sheet over a table and made a card and candy shop, complete with these adorable little boxes.  Read all about setting up shop here.

#5 Love from God and Love from Others Crafts

One of our favorite tools during the Valentine’s Day season is the Squeeze Heart Punch.  It’s so much fun!  Here are two of the crafts we made with this handy little tool. Love Other craft

 A friend loves at all times (Proverbs 17:17).

For this project, you have your little one draw their best friend in the middle and then decorate with hearts.  Check out the full tutorial here.

God so Loved the World (Valentine's Day)

God Loves Me!  (John 3:16)

For this one, your little one makes “Earth” on a paper plate and then covers it with hearts.  Check out the full tutorial and get a free handwriting sheet here.

What About You?

What are you and your kids up to this Valentine’s Day?

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Parts of this post were originally published on 3 Boys and  Dog.

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  1. It is so amazing for your kid to be learning some baking skills at an early age! I wish I could do that too at home. Anyway, these are nice activity to do this Valentines day. My daughter is thinking about making personalized cards this time so I guess that heart puncher would be really helpful. Will try to find one locally. Thanks!

  2. Hey Denise, Thanks for stopping in. Any of the craft stores should have one.

  3. Great list! I’m thinking I really should do some fun things with my preschoolers this year! I haven’t ever really done much for V-Day with the family before, so thanks for some ideas!
    Katelyn F recently posted..One Year of Dates: Month Eleven Date Nights

  4. Hey Katelyn,

    Great to see you “on the blog” and I’m glad you like the ideas. We’re always looking for a reason to celebrate around here! Thinking of a having a little Valentine’s day party too.. will post more later if it ends up happening!

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