Following God’s Path: A Lesson in Bible Study for Kids

Following God’s Path: A Lesson in Bible Study for Kids

While we were studying the Catechism for boys and girls during our midweek program a few months ago, we spent a week learning about Following God’s Path. Just as certain things (such as a flashlight, a map, and footprints) help us follow the path in the woods, other things can help us follow God’s path.

To introduce the topic (and to pique some interest), I taped some animal tracks down on the ground starting at the front door.  Some headed into the sanctuary and some led all the way to the gym where we host our midweek kids’ program.

Following God's Path Footprints (4)


A closer look:

Following God's Path Footprints (1)

Of course, the kids were jumping all over the footprints and it certainly helped draw them into the lesson.

While teaching the lesson, I was hoping to draw the following parallels in path following tools:

  • A Flashlight is like God’s Word, the Bible
  • Map or Path Signs are like a Devotional Book
  • Footprints are like Cool Bible Tools such as a Bible dictionary or commentary.

Cool Bible Tools: Bible Dictionaries and Commentaries for Kids

I laid out some of my favorite versions of the Bible as well as some devotional books and cool Bible tools to show the kids as I spoke. If you want a more extensive review of some of these resources, check out these links: 

Following God's Path Bible Lesson for Kids


Basically, the lesson talked about these three parallels:

The Flashlight

This is an easy parallel to draw based on Psalm 119 (Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path).  When we are trying to discover God’s path for our lives, the best place to look is in the Bible.   Of course, it doesn’t always have to be the standard text only Bible.  I showed the kids a number of different picture Bibles as well such as the Action Bible, the Power Bible, and the Almighty Bible.   And I reminded them that they could ask their parents to read to them if they were too young to read themselves (Side note: We recently bought our five year old the Little Kids Adventure Bible on CD and she loves listening to that while her younger brother takes a nap).   A flashlight helps us see a little bit ahead on the path and helps us make good decisions by avoiding dangers and doing the right things.   The Bible is the same way — helping give us direction when perhaps we can’t tell what the right choice is.

God's Word, Our Flashlight along the Path (Children's Ministry Lesson)

The Map or Signs along the Path

Sometimes, we want to read the Bible, but we don’t exactly know where to start or what to read or even what to do with what we read.  Just like signs along the path help us when we’re in the woods, a good devotional book (or Bible) will give us some direction and keep us moving along the right path.   I particularly love the Kids’ Devotional Bible, but there are plenty of other resources as well.

Follow the Signs


Sometimes, even with a flashlight and signs along the path, we still get a little turned around in the woods.   When that happens, sometimes it’s good to follow in the foot prints of those who have gone before us.   Of course, with this option, we should use caution, because that person could have been lost too!    In the same way, we can use commentaries, videos, or even sermons to help us understand the path we are on.  As always, we should make sure to check the accuracy of their words with the Bible itself, but this can be a great way to get us through a rough patch or help deepen our understanding of a particular topic.  Kids might not get much from a sermon, but a series like What’s in the Bible is a great resource to serve as “foot prints along the path”.

Footprints (Flickr John Loo)






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