Friends and Heroes: Great Video Series!

Friends and Heroes: Great Video Series!

Avoiding the Romans, managing a shop, saving refugees, and figuring out what’s important in life — that’s what the family we’re first introduced to in the Friends and Heroes series is up to.  I had the opportunity to review the first two episodes in this TV (now DVD) series, and I have to say — I’m impressed!

The cast of characters is both engaging and easy to relate to.  The plot is interesting and easy to follow.  And this series seems like it would appeal to a wide range of ages.  I watched Long Journey and A Friend in High Places with my 18 month old daughter and she was entranced up until the end (a harder task than you might think!)  I was also interested all the way through and think most kids wouldn’t find this series boring at all.

I love the fact that the family regularly uses Bible stories to illustrate points and to teach each other lessons throughout the plot line.  Even children use Bible accounts to encourage their parents!  As we make a push for parents to become better spiritual leaders in their house (through books/movements like OrangeShift, and the Legacy Milestones), examples of integrating the Bible into everyday living are great to have around.  I found this  feature in the series to be especially exciting.

I wasn’t crazy about Portia’s choice in clothing.  Even if her navel baring dress might have been traditional Roman garb, I would think a little more modesty would be in order in this series.  After all, would you want your 14 year old daughter running around dressed like that?  I know I wouldn’t!

All in all, it looks to be a very promising series and I look forward to seeing more episodes.  I know this will have a place on my Children’s Ministry video resource shelf!

Check out the Trailer!

This series also has a corresponding curriculum on the website.  The video I sampled contains two episodes which gives churches and schools four lessons.  Churches and schools usually buy Friends and Heroes in a boxed Series Pack which contains 13 episodes and provides 26 lessons.  Friends and Heroes is currently offering a risk-free 60 day trial for DVD 1 and the four corresponding lessons.  I haven’t gotten a chance to check out the lessons yet, but I’ll let you know when I do!

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