Friends Share Jesus with Others: Nathaniel and Phillip

Friends Share Jesus with Others: Nathaniel and Phillip

Thanks so much for stopping by Growing Kids Ministry!  If you popped in order to read more of the Classroom Management series, it will return on Wednesday (you can read the old posts here). Today, I’ll be highlighting some activities and crafts that coordinate with our Wednesday night midweek program.

We’ve just begun a series on Friendship from Children’s Ministry Deals.  Last week, we learned that “Friends are Faithful” with a lesson from David and Jonathon. This week, we learn that “Friends point each other to Jesus” with a lesson from Nathaniel and Phillip.

Philip and Nathaniel

Basic Summary of the Lesson:

Best friends are bold enough to share the good news of Jesus with their friends. Like Philip, who brought his best friend, Nathaniel, to Jesus, best friends are not afraid to introduce everyone they know to Jesus.


John 1:43-51. Jesus calls Philip and Nathaniel.

Coordinating Games:

  • Dominoes: Use this super fun object lesson from Ministry to Children to show how telling others about Jesus can great an amazing effect, one person at a time.
  • Two by Two Hunt: Let children go out in groups of two to find enough letters around a designated room to spell G-O-O-D N-E-W-S and when they have completed finding the letters, they’ll bring them back and quickly tape to a piece of construction paper. When they have completed the 2 x 2 hunt — teams will shout… JESUS IS THE GOOD NEWS!!!  (From Sermons for Kids)

Coordinating Crafts and Activities:

More Resources to Check Out:

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