Fun Printable Crafts for the Family

Fun Printable Crafts for the Family

It’s family night, and everyone is tired of the same old routine: playing board games or watching movies. What else can you all do without leaving the house or spending money?

How about making a craft?

Many parents don’t feel they’re creative enough to do crafts with their kids. While that may be the case for you, you don’t have to deprive your children of the fun they’ll have making something with the family.

Back to School

Don’t have a bunch of craft supplies? That’s okay—because you don’t need any. All you need is the paper and ink in your printer―and maybe some scissors and glue―to create these fun crafts. That’s it―it’s a quick, easy, and fun way to spend quality time as a family. Here are some cool websites that offer printable craft templates the whole family can enjoy:

AllFreePaperCrafts offers a variety of printable craft templates that are suitable for both children and parents. The Paper House Lanterns are incredibly easy to make. Just print the template, cut out the houses, and put them together. You don’t even have to color them. Each person can create their own in just a few minutes. Place them side by side to create your own village.

You can use these houses as décor, as is, or place LED tea lights in them. The houses have no bottom, so simply place them on top of a tea light, turn off the lights and watch them glow. Place them in a garden for a fun, gnome-like theme. You can also turn these into ornaments for a Christmas tree.

The site also has an animal-themed printable that’s so adorable. These printable puppies will make your heart melt. They come in five different varieties. Just download the template, print, and assemble the puppies, and your family will have a litter to call their own. They’re so hard to resist, kids and adults alike won’t be able to put them down.

Family Fun Night!

Is a holiday or birthday party on the horizon? Why not create your own wrapping paper as a family? Forget the rolls of paper that cost $4-5 each and make this pretty pastel gradient paper for free. All you have to do is print it up, and you’re good to go!

Another fun family project is to make bookmarks. If everyone in the house reads often, then bookmarks can help you keep your place. Feline aficionados will love this kitty bookmark, while those with a sweet tooth will enjoy this ice cream bookmark. If you’re a fan of winter themes, this mitten bookmark sure is cute!

If you want your kids to have fun and learn a little something at the same time, is your source for educational fun that requires not much more than paper. If you want to get your child interested in space, this solar system mobile is a fun project to complete as a family. This printable has eight parts but, don’t worry, it’s not complicated at all. Just print, cut, and assemble, and you’ll have the solar system in your house all the time.

Family Fun

Have a little fun with family night by printing some googly eyes. They come in various sizes. Just print and cut them out. Give some to everyone to tape or glue on various items around the house. Be prepared to see googly eyes on the TV, lamps, chairs, refrigerator, books, tables, and just about everywhere in the house. You’re sure to have some laughs!

If your family is fairly competitive, a relevant craft would be to create Olympic medals. The templates are ready to go, so there’s no need to draw them. Each person can decorate their own or perhaps present one to another family member for a job well done in an academic or athletic event.

A paper castle is another fun family craft to consider. Just print out the castle template, cut it out, and fold on the dotted lines. Each person can decorate their castle and set them all up for display. They make a fun table decoration.

While a castle may be fun, what about an entire city? Print out the templates in this set, and you can create your own city, complete with buildings and cars. While this may seem like a daunting task, it’s not as difficult as you think. If you can cut, fold, and glue, you can do it. Once complete, be prepared for hours of fun. This playset is capable of lasting for many years.

For a fun holiday-themed craft, try a Valentine’s Day banner. This is a great project for the family since everyone can contribute something. Parents can help string the triangles and make sure the letters are in the right order, while the kids can color and decorate the banner. When completed, choose a place in the home to hang it and celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.

Making crafts has never been easier. Thanks to the internet, you can click, print, and create in less than 30 minutes, for most projects. Who knew a piece of paper could provide so much entertainment? Which project do you have planned for your next family night?


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    I love this post, paper craft is absolutely awesome. When you have kids it’s fun too, a simple piece of paper can become a maze, a road, cut into pieces to make a house, a spaceship.

    Many thanks for the great resource, I will be downloading, printing, cutting and gluing real soon.
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