Fusion: Quick Book Review

Fusion: Quick Book Review

This is a great book for anyone in the church to read, but especially those in leadership. It’s a quick (and enjoyable!) read that offers practical steps to turning first time visitors into fully engaged members. With many books like this, the reader can quickly get overwhelmed with all the steps and new procedures needing to be implemented for the strategy to work correctly.  However, with this book, I felt “this is very do-able” as I read. I especially like the beginning of the book where it talks about guests being gifts from God and how we need to be good stewards of those gifts.
Of course, the imaginary couple in this book followed all the rules too, so it sets a little bit of an unrealistic picture, but I’m sure church leaders realize that not everyone works out. I did like the fact that we are encouraged to stop chasing after people who have been gone a long time and focus on the new person who walked through the door today. I’ve always felt guilty about that.

If you have a passion for outreach or are in church leadership, you need to read this book! Pick up your copy today!


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