Game Night!  {Outdoor Fun for Kids}

Game Night! {Outdoor Fun for Kids}

This week is GAME night at Kids for Christ and we’re packing in the fun!  I don’t know if we’ll be able to sneak in all these great ideas, but we’ll try our best.  Are you looking for some great ideas for outdoor fun?  Read on, my friend!


Who wouldn’t love a game where you get to SPRAY paint the grass.  Had to get clearance from the trustees on this one, but what a blast!  Check out Apartment Therapy’s post for full details!  Perhaps I’ll post about my own adventure making the “game board” soon!

Yard Twister!


If you have a sizable group of kids, playing sticks and stones will make them laugh while also tiring them out. Split the kids into two teams — the sticks and the stones. Line them up facing one another. Designate an area roughly 30 feet behind each team as that teams’ safe zone. To start the game, yell out “sticks” or “stones.” The team you call on must begin chasing the opposing team, which begins racing toward its safe zone. Any tagged players must switch teams, and the two new teams line up to play again. The team to bring all the players to its side wins the game.


There’s something about this classic game that makes it, well, classic. Sometimes it’s the simplest games that produce the best memories!

AVOID THE OCTOPUS (AKA Sharks and Minnows)

First, pick one person to be the octopus. Then, make two lines that are at least 20 feet apart.The other players, the fish, then line up on one line.When the octopus shouts “hungry,” everyone tries to cross to the other side while the octopus tries to tag them.When a fish is tagged, he becomes another octopus working with him to try to tag the other fish. The last fish left wins!


This game is for 5 or more people. To play, you have to set up the creek. You do this by having two people hold two jump ropes that are about a foot apart.
Next, players take turns trying to jump over the creek. If they land on or in the middle of the jump rope-the creek-they’re out. When everyone has jumped once, players move the ropes about another foot apart. The person who is able to jump the farthest without falling into the creek is the winner. Happy jumping!


In this game, everyone starts by removing their shoes and placing them in a pile.  Everyone then sits in a circle around the pile and puts on a blindfold.   On the count of three, kids rush into the circle to find their shoe and put it on (all while blindfolded).  If you have a very diverse age group, you might want to have kids 6 and up wear blindfolds.


Ask the kids to stand in a big circle, slip a hula hoop onto one child’s arm, and have them all join hands. They then must find a way to move the hula hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of each other’s hands.

Hula Hoop Game: Outdoor Fun for Kids!

Image Credit: A Game with Hula Hoops” by MTSOfan (Flickr)


Boogie around an open area to the music until it stops, then jump into any hula hoop that is on the ground.  The original game calls for one person per hoop, but I wonder what would happen if we let multiple kids squish into a hoop?  🙂


Roll hula hoops across an open area to get children practicing running and catching. Vary the distance to vary the challenge. Increase the fun by rolling more than one hoop at a time and see which one the child decides to catch.


I checked out some great sites like The Taylor House and How to Nest for Less for some printable outdoor scavenger hunts, but since the church’s yard is more like a big field than an backyard space, I decided to make my own.


What kind of fun games are you playing this summer?

Ideas for these games came from She Knows, PBS Kids, Body Smart Blog.

Love Games?  Be sure to check out my book filled with Games — coming Summer of 2018!

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