Gap Year Graduation Gift

Gap Year Graduation Gift

We were headed to the graduation party of one of the girls from church this past Saturday.  We love this family and I really wanted to give something more than the traditional cash stuffed into a generic card.   Naturally, I took a stroll around Pinterest and found this amazing idea from Proverbs 31 Mom.

I was all set to head up to the Dollar Tree and fill up a basket when I realized this particular grad was taking a gap year and probably wouldn’t appreciate laundry soap and highlighters that much.    I still loved the concept, so I put together a “Summer Survival” kit instead.

Here’s what I grabbed:

Gap Year Graduate Gift

Here’s the Breakdown:

  • Sunscreen
  • Flip Flops
  • Tote Bag
  • Sour Patch (non melting candy)
  • Coffee to-go cups
  • Pop tarts
  • Foot soak
  • Lotion
  • Water Bottle
  • Chapstick

Don’t Forget the Cash:

Of course, we all know kids love cash, so I did throw a few dollars in three designated envelops as well.

Gap Year Graduate Gift

Dairy Queen, Starbucks,  and iTunes: Sounds like a perfect summer combination to me!

Other Ideas to Include:

  • Magazine
  • Book you recently read and enjoyed
  • Nail Polish
  • Kindle Gift Card
  • Beach Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Journal and fancy pen

This would be great for Volunteer Appreciation too!

Gap Year Graduate Gift

All packed up and ready to go!

Pin it for later!

Gap Year Grad Gift

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