Get Ready for a Week of Total Torture

Get Ready for a Week of Total Torture

That’s what most kids (and some adults!) think when they first hear about TV Turn off Week. There were certainly some of those sentiments flying around our house the first year we chose to celebrate this semi-annual event.  Let me give you the quick run down:

  • Purpose: To re-think the role of television, why we use it and to assess its impact on your family.
  • How: Simply switch off or unplug your TV set for seven days and engage in a wide range off substitute activities.
  • When: April 18- 24, 2011

Common Objections

Check out this page for some of the most common objections to Screen Free week (and corresponding responses) including:

  • “Why turn off the television completely? Can we do it for just one day?”
  • “Is all TV bad? What about the Discovery Channel or PBS?”
  • “Do we have to plan an activity every night?”
  • “How can we best appeal to teenagers?”
  • “I need some peace and quiet when I come home. The television occupies the kids while I fix dinner.”

Starting next week, I’ll be posting some ideas and activities for you and your family to use during TV Turn-off Week.   I encourage you to at least give it a try, even if it sounds pretty torturous and far fetched right now.  The first year we participated, we only made it about 3 days, but the next year was a really great experience.  Stay turned and keep that television off!

Still not convinced?  Check out this Media-Diet Calculator to see you measure up!

Next Week:

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TV Free: Crafty Corner

TV Free: Spring Cleaning

TV Free: Create Family Traditions


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