Getting Your Volunteers Invested (Part Two)

Getting your volunteers invested is the key to bringing out the best in your ministry.  Check out Part One of this post here.  For this post, we’ll be diving into lesson three and four.

3) Help Them See the Pay-off

Why do people invest their money?  Because they are hoping for a pay-off.  They are hoping by sinking some cheddar into the stock market, they will reap rewards at a later date.  Now you and I know there are lots of benefit, rewards, and pay-offs in children’s ministry, but perhaps your volunteers need help seeing the big picture at times.  That’s where you come in.

When a lesson goes especially well, send a note thanking your volunteers and commenting on how engaged the kids were.  When someone comes to Christ, put the good news in your Volunteer Team newsletter or share it at your monthly meeting.   Talk with your volunteers at the end of the night, listen to their good stories and then spread it around.  Tell other people in your congregation what a fabulous team you have and how they are changing lives for Christ.   Name specific incidents.  Highlight how certain kids have grown by giving concrete examples.   Praise God for the good that is happening in your ministry and thank your volunteers for being a part of it.


The number one rule in investing is “diversify”.  If I’ve learned anything from my Financial Planner dad, it’s to not put all your eggs in one basket.   When investing your hard earned money, you want a variety of stocks and bonds in order to help smooth your returns over time.  The same is true in ministry.  When recruiting volunteers, find people with a diversity of gifts and talents and then use them.    Don’t try to squeeze all your volunteer eggs into one basket (or one type of job) – allow them to serve where the Lord has gifted them, whether that’s in supply shopping, records, teaching, songs or clean-up.   When someone is truly using their gifts, they are naturally going to feel more energized and invested.

What about you?

How do you help get your volunteers invested?

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