Giant Creation Mural

Giant Creation Mural

Did you ever have a project that just took on a life of it’s own?  Our Children’s Church creation mural was one of those projects!  I knew covering “what happened on what day” wasn’t going to cut it with these kids, so we needed to think a little more “outside the box” for the day’s lesson.   We have a wide age range in our Children’s Church program, so it needed to be something simple to explain and easy to implement.

Someone from our church had recently donated a GIANT roll of “throw-away” paper from the plant where he worked and I thought the kids would love making a GIANT creation mural.  I rolled out the paper in the gym, assigned days to groups of kids (4 kids per group) and started passing out the crayons.  I didn’t tell the kids what to draw.  Rather, I made sure everyone had a Bible and let them figure it out.

How heart-warming it was to see kids  sprawled out everywhere, open Bibles nearby as they read about their assigned day in Genesis and then set to work!  One boy, age 9, who is generally a handful in class, suddenly transformed into the most efficient and helpful mural manager I’ve ever seen.  We had to carry the mural (reminder, it was over 20 feet long) to the other side of the gym, put it on the wall and then tape it into place.  Kyle helped organize the kids, making sure none of the mural was dragging and then he helped them position themselves so we could easily get it on the wall.  Kids lined up chairs all along the wall as I walked along them and taped up the mural.

It was so exciting to see the kids all working together and the final product was amazing.  I only wish I got a shot of the whole thing!! Instead, I took pictures of each day, but you can use your imagination to put it together!


That rip actually an accident!  Ironic though.

Some of the kids were pretty young, so you’ve got to really look for those plants!

I love the spider leg sun!

You can see the squiggle sea at the bottom.

Lovely giraffe.

What about You?
What’s been a favorite project of yours?


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