Giant Flag Craft for Kids {Preschool Craft}

Giant Flag Craft for Kids {Preschool Craft}

A few years back, when my kids were both preschool age, we completed a giant flag craft as a group project.  It’s a great way to let them explore painting and still get a great end result!  The secret? Painter’s tape!

Giant Flag Craft for Preschool

Are you ready to begin?

What You’ll Need:

What You Do:

Start by making stripes on the white poster board with the painters tape, leaving a square in the top left for the blue and stars.

Allow kids to paint over the tape with red paint.

Flag Craft for Toddlers

I put some blue construction paper over the blue/star square to make sure it didn’t get any red on it.  And the red was a flying!

Flag Craft for Kindergarten

Once the flag is thoroughly covered in red paint (whew!), remove the painters tape.

Flag Craft: Easy Activity for Kids

I made the mistake of waiting until the paint was dry.  I think it wouldn’t take up so much paper with it if I removed it right away. Paint the square blue and allow kids to put star stickers on it.

Giant Flag Craft for Children

Finished!  Hang with pride!

Giant Flag Craft


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  1. Love these! So cute and would be great for keeping the little ones creative and entertained! Thanks so much for sharing your fun ideas!

  2. This is a good idea to have great time with kids, they love paiting and drawing!

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