Goals for Molly Pickens (interview with Matthew Young)

I’m excited to announce I had a chance to talk with Matthew Young, one of the creators of the Fantastic World series last Thursday.  After filling me in on some insight about Molly Pickens and talking about his recent release of Tiny Pirate, he shared some of the original goals of the Fantastic World series:

Not Your Every-day Curriculum

The adventures in the Fantastic World were never intended to be an on-going everday curriculum.  Instead, Molly Pickens was designed to break up the monotony a bit for teachers and kids.  It offers a little bit of an “off the wall” break for summer-time or when you’re in-between other curriculums.  (Many curriculums do not publish summer materials, so this is a great resource to that end!)

Something Worth Doing Well

High quality production is very important to the Young brothers.  They didn’t want to produce a hurried, cheesy Christian film that is boring at best and the cause of embarrassment at worse (there’s already too many of those type of films on the market!)  Instead, they wanted something that was of high value, something the kids could really engage in because “when a child is engaged, they will absorb more of the lesson” (Matthew Young, interview 8/19/2010).  I must say, they succeeded in this goal.  The sets are beautiful, and even though I’m still not crazy about Bill and Charles, the acting is certainly fluid and polished.

It All Goes Together

The small group lessons, large group skits, and DVD-clips were always intended to be used together.  Without one component, it really isn’t a complete curriculum.  This is unlike many other curriculums on the market, so keep that in mind when considering the Fantastic World series.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview!

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