God Gives Us Sight {The Gathering}: Michelle Anthony

God Gives Us Sight {The Gathering}: Michelle Anthony

Pondering this year’s theme of “What Does God See?”, we wonder how do we begin to see things as God sees them?

If we are going to see what Christ sees, there are a few non-negotiable things:

  1. I will never be God and I will never fully see things via His perspective
  2. I will never fully understand how the struggles and problems I’m experiencing bring Him glory

One day when Jesus was out with his disciples, He notices the crowds dwindling.  Christ turned to his disciples and said, “Will you also leave me?”

Peter replied, “Where else would we go?  You have the gift of eternal life” (John 6).

In ministry, we have good days and bad days.  Sometimes, on the bad days, when we feel like we’re aren’t making any difference at all, we wonder if we should throw in the towel and move onto something else.

But where else would we go?

Really?  Where would you go?

Only Jesus has the gift of eternal life. 

And so we press on.

We don’t have the perspective of God.  We can’t see the big picture of our ministry or our time on earth.

It’s like being in the midst of a parade.   You see what is directly before you.  But down the road, for some, the parade is over.  And up the road, for some, the parade has not even begun.    We see what is directly in front of us.  The moment we are living in.    But God is in the Goodyear blimp over head.


He sees the big picture.

Let’s take a look at John 9,

Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Perspective #1: The Sabbath is a holy day.  One in which you should do no work.

Perspective #2: Healing the man was an act of worship and not work at all.

The people of the day did not see the healing the same way Jesus did.   There were two very different perspectives.

Jesus saw the big picture and the Pharisees saw someone messing up their day.

God Gives Us Sight

What About In Our Life?

Have you ever been in a meeting when an unkind statement was aimed at you?  At first glance, it seems cold or mean, but with a big picture perspective, the vision begins to change.  Perhaps you can see the comment comes from a place of hurt or confusion.

How does God see it? 

Maybe you have someone in your church that has some significant emotional needs.  Every week, you see them headed your way, needing to talk.  You’ve got stuff to do.  You’ve got things to set up.  You’ve got people to talk to.  And yet…

How does God see it? 

This happened to Michelle and she asked God for his perspective in the situation.  Perhaps this person felt like if she didn’t seek others out (ruthlessly!), she would be alone.   The next week, Michelle pursued her.  She went through the crowd and approached the woman to ask her about her week.  The woman was shocked.    And you know what?  The next week, the woman didn’t come looking for Michelle.  Instead, she was happily chatting with a few other people from church.   Maybe all it took was this woman seeing that she was valuable to someone.

Maybe she started to see herself the way God sees her.

Sometimes we need to stop the busyness to get a new perspective.

Sometimes we need to slow down to see things the way God sees them.

Consider how our culture treats coffee.

In America, we grab our coffee in little paper cups and away we go!

In Australia, there are no paper cups.  There is coffee.  But it comes in ceramic mugs that require people to stop.  Sit.  Slow down. And adjust their perspective for a moment.

Slow Down.  Give us a New Perspective.

 Flickr: funny_coffee by CrazyForBingo

Back to the Blind Man

We don’t know exactly what was wrong with the blind man.   Did his eyes not work?  Or did he not have eyes?

Jesus healed him.

Perhaps he gave him a new perspective by opening his eyes to what was already there.

Or perhaps He created something there that never was.

What About you?

In your life?

Do you need a new perspective from God?  Or do you need Him to create in you something new?

God, Give us Sight.

 is the Family Ministry Architect at David C Cook. She is also the author of Spiritual Parenting, Dreaming of More for the Next Generation, A Theology of Family Ministry, The Big God Story, and the forthcoming Book,Becoming a Spiritually Formed Family. Michelle has earned graduate degrees in Christian Education, Theology, and Leadership and has over 25 years experience as a children and family pastor. She currently serves as the Family Ministry Ambassador for ROCKHARBOR church.



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