God is Everywhere (Acts 19: Peter Escapes from Jail)

God is Everywhere (Acts 19: Peter Escapes from Jail)

Tonight, we’re continuing to teaching the Children’s Catechism with question #9 which is: Where is God?  The answer is: God is Everywhere.

Where is God  Last week was review week and we celebrated with a Popcorn and Praise theme for the night.  We played a review game, matching game and of course, ate some popcorn!   You can find all the details, including some fun pictures at this post.

Popcorn and Praise

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God is Everywhere

To begin, we’ll be watching this great introduction video based on the book, That’s Where God Is by Dan and Ali Morrow.

Peter’s Great Escape

We’ll be taking a look at the account in Acts 12:1-19 when Peter miraculously escapes from prison.   Here’s some activities and crafts to go along with this passage.

Peter's Miraculous Escape

Coloring Pages, Crosswords, and Review pages


  • Impossible Escape: To illustrate how hopeless the situation was for Peter, have the kids play a little impossible escape game.  Have one kid start on a wall of the room (he’s Peter).  Four “soldiers” stand in the middle of the room and the remaining kids stand on the opposite wall (the church), urging Peter to come.  The object is for Peter to get to the church without getting touch by any of the guards.  After a few rounds, kids will start complaining.  Use this moment to show how Peter could have never made it out of that prison, but God was there to help him.

Act it Out


Professional Mommy uses a coloring page to build this fun craft.  Check out the details on her blog.

Paul in prison

This craft is actually for Paul in prison, but you get the idea.  Find the full instructions at Bible Class Creations.

Paul and Silas Craft - AWANA Cubbies Bear Hug #19 - Printable Included...Meaningful Mama

Here’s another Paul craft that could easily be applied to this lesson.  Find all the details at Meaningful Mama.


This is a great lesson to use to focus on prayer.  God was with the church as they prayed and God was with Peter.  God is everywhere.  He can here our prayers and answer them or help someone else anywhere in the world.  Grab a church prayer sheet and spend some time praying for those in your own congregation.  Or, if your church has missionaries, pray for their needs and remind the kids that God is everywhere and can help people all over the world.    Here’s a few more prayer-focused crafts to try.

Praying Hand: Bible Crafts for Kids

Praying Hands Craft

Praying Around the Clock

Praying Around the Clock 

Prayer Magnet

Pray for One Another Magnet

Paper Chain

Prayer Chain

Prayer Wall

Make a Prayer Mural 

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