God is With Me Even in Hard Times: Children’s Bible Lesson from Job

God is With Me Even in Hard Times: Children’s Bible Lesson from Job

Large Group Lesson

During large group, we’ll spend some time summarizing the story of Job and the reaction of his friends.  We’ll talk about whether or not the friends (and Job’s wife) were helpful to Job during his time of his trouble.  Then, I’ll give the kids an opportunity to share any hard things that are going on in their own lives and give the kids an opportunity to pray for their friends and offer then encouragement.

Hard Times (Bible Lesson from Job)

Small Group Time

Looking for some extra activities and crafts to go along with a lesson from the book of Job?  Keep reading!

Summary Video

Check out this quick devotional video from Christian Clip arts that would serve as a great summary video.

Get Well Cards

Before class find out who is on the prayer list or who is sick that week. Have your children make cards to let them know they care. They can also make and send miss-you cards to the children who missed class that week.

Story Book of Job

Adventures in Mommydom has put together a short story book on the book of Job, complete with pictures (you can find it here).  You could read it to the kids and perhaps assign a section of the story to each child so they can create an illustration of their own.  (You can see how we used this concept with the 12 Spies from Numbers). She also has some great reflection and review questions, starting on page 13 of this PDF document.

Toss the Troubles

This is a pretty active game involving trying to get rid of Job’s troubles by tossing them to the other team.  Read the full directions over at Sunday School activities.

Art Appreciation

Find some artwork based on the book of Job (pictured below by Jim LePage) and look at it with the kids.  Does it make sense to them? What part of the story does it remind them of?  Encourage kids to make their own art work (or word art using a verse from Job).

Nature Walk

At the end of Job’s story, God reminds Job about all that he has made.  He reminds Job that we can never understand God and all his ways.  Take the kids outside for a nature walk, remarking on all the amazing things God has made.  If it’s too cold, bring some things from nature in (tree bark, bugs, different types of rocks, feather, sea shell, sand, etc.) and spend time examining the objects with magnifying glasses.  (Idea from Mission Bible Class)

Good Day and Bad Day Game

Have all the children stand in a line in the center of the room. Stand in the front of the line without looking at the children. Explain that when you say “Good Day!” they will take a step to the left. When you say “Bad Day!” they will take a step to the right. Keep mixing it up, so that, for example you’re saying three “Good days!” then two “Bad Days!” The object is for them to reach the wall eventually.  (Game idea from Christianity Cove — click through for more details and review questions)

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