What God Is Doing (New Book by Anne Marie Gosnell)

What God Is Doing (New Book by Anne Marie Gosnell)

If you’re looking for an amazing resource for teachers, parents, or even for your own family, be sure to check out the newly released book — What God is Doing.  It’s an amazing resource all on its own, but if you grab it this week, you get some amazing bonuses too (details below)!

Once again, Anne Marie has written an amazing resource for both Children’s Ministry and parents who want to be intentional

about passing on their faith to their children. This book covers events from the creation of the world to the time of Jesus. I love the extra section in the back about how to become and excellent Bible teacher.

One of her tips includes making sure to let kids know that these lessons are more than just stories — they are history. They are true accounts. I love this and hope that more Children’s Ministry leaders make it a point to remind kids that the things in the Bible are actual events that took place.

Each lesson contains a bit of background, an object lesson, a more in depth Bible lesson and life application. You can also get coordinating posters from her website. One of my favorite things in this book is the number of object lessons that use legos or building blocks. As a mother of kids who are obsessed with legos, I’m so happy to find a resource that already plays into that interest.

I love that this includes lessons that are often missing in Children’s Ministry curriculum such as the divided kingdom (and the importance of leaders who love God), Zerubbabel rebuilding the temple and even a lesson on the dangers of marrying people who do not share your faith. I love the balloon object lesson for “Between the Testaments” — it really captures the tension of waiting for something for a long time.

This book is a clear winner. It is perfect for the classroom and would make wonderful memories if used within the context as a family as well.  Be sure to grab it this week in order to get your Bonus materials!


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