God Is Stronger Than Any Man (Quick Peek of Top 50 Bible Stories)

God Is Stronger Than Any Man (Quick Peek of Top 50 Bible Stories)

Hey there!  If you haven’t gotten a chance to grab a copy of my book Top 50 Bible Stories yet, you’re in luck!  I’m going to be sharing a few chapters of the book with you and I’ll also be giving away 5 copies over on Growing Kids Ministry’s facebook during this week.

Today, I’ll be highlighting chapter ten of the book — God Is Stronger Than Any Man!

This Week’s Passage: Exodus 7:20-21, 8:1-4, 8:24, 9:23-26 and 10:21-22

Memory Verse: Then the LORD said to Moses, “Now you will see what I will do to Pharaoh: Because of my mighty hand
he will let them go; because of my mighty hand he will drive them out of his country.” (Exodus 6:1)

Big Idea: God Is Stronger Than Any Man!


Pharaoh did not like God’s people, the Israelites. He forced them to be slaves and treated them with cruelness. The people prayed and asked God to save them. God had saved Moses for just this reason. By God’s power, Moses was to free the people from Egypt.

Bible Story:

Ask: Who is the strongest person you know? What kind of things can they do?

Say: Pharaoh was a powerful man. He was the ruler over all of Egypt and many of the Egyptians even believed that he was
a god. We know that God is stronger than any man. In our Bible passage today, both the Egyptians and the Israelites
see how strong God really is. At first, Moses was afraid to go see Pharaoh, but God told Moses that he would be with him
(Exodus 3:12). When Pharaoh refused to let God’s people go, God sent plagues on the land of Egypt. Let’s read about some
of them. Read Exodus 7:20-21, 8:1-4, 8:24, 9:23-26, 10:12 and 10:21-22. Finally, Pharaoh realized that God is stronger than
any man and he let God’s people go free.

Object Lesson: Tipping the Balance

Say: Pharaoh was a very powerful man. He ruled all of Egypt and everyone did exactly what he said. Of course, we know
God is stronger than any man and through the plagues, God showed He was much more powerful than Pharaoh. (Put one
person figure on each side of the scale.) Pharaoh was strong (Put one stone with the Pharaoh figure). He had servants and slaves (Put one stone with the Pharaoh figure).

He had magicians that could perform amazing tricks (Put one stone with the Pharaoh figure).

He had armies and chariots (Put one stone with the Pharaoh figure. Allow kids to observe how much stronger Pharaoh
seemed than Moses).

But, Moses had a secret weapon. God was on Moses’ side. God told Moses that He would be with him (Read Exodus 3:12). And God is stronger than any man. God was strong (Put one stone with the Moses figure).

God made all the people in the world (Put two stones with the Moses figure).

God created the entire world and could control everything in it (Put three stones with the Moses figure).

He could cause earthquakes and storms (Put two stones with the Moses figure) and he has the power over life and death (put two stones with the Moses figure). Pharaoh may have been strong, but God is stronger than any man.


Hope you enjoyed this peek at chapter ten.  Each chapter also includes an opening game as well as three additional activities to do with the kids.  Remember you can grab the book on Amazon, Christianbook.com, or try to win a copy on facebook!



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