God’s Forgiveness and Our Sinfulness

God’s Forgiveness and Our Sinfulness

This is our last week with the “What’s Up” curriculum before starting the big Esther movie project!  Stay tuned for more details on that.  Right now, we’re busy learning Premiere Pro, After Effects, getting costumes made and making sure everyone has their script. I’m very excited, but very nervous too!

For this week, we’re talking about our sinfulness and God’s forgiveness.  God is willing to forgive all our sins, but we must first admit our sinfulness.  When we receive forgiveness from God, it helps our love for Him to grow.

For our large group, we’ll be talking about the choices we have concerning our sin:

  1. Ignore it
  2. Hide it
  3. Admit it

We’ll discuss reasons we try to hide our sin and how admitting our sin gives us a closer relationship with God.

Small Group Time

Here’s a few activities to do with your small groups.

Mirror Craft

This idea comes (a bit) from Sermons for Kids. In this activity/craft, kids can decorate a mirror to remind them who God loves and has forgiven.  There are some great mirrors at the Dollar Tree right now. Ask the kids if they know of any “famous” mirrors.  The mirror in the movie, Snow White, saw all things.  God also sees all things.  We can’t hide our sin from him.  When we admit our sin, he forgives us. Give kids jewels or stickers to decorate their mirrors.

Woman and the Pharisee, Word Puzzles

Our key passage for today is Luke 7. The older kids might enjoy the word puzzle found here.

Coloring Pages, Review Questions and More


Head on over to Calvary Curriculum to find a complete lesson on Luke 7.  You’ll find coloring pages, word puzzles, fill in the blanks, and more.

Button, Button and Sin Revealed

Buttons: Can We Hide Our Sin from God?

This is similar to an activity we did a few weeks ago.  You’ll need dark (fizzy!) soda as well as some buttons.  Read all about the directions here.  The idea behind this activity is that we might be able to hide our sins for awhile, but they will also pop up at some point.

Black Light Sins

This looks like a fun activity to do with the kids (p.s. Team members, we do have some black lights in the shed, I think).   I especially like because the Pharisee in our story tried to hide his sin, but God sees all things.   It involves some lint and a black light — read the full directions over at Ministry to Children.

Guess that Smell
Guess that Smell

The woman gave Jesus a great gift when she anointed his feet with perfume.  Engage the kids sense of smell even more with a game called guess the smell — read all about it on this page (scroll a little).

Hope that Helps!

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