Gods Kids Worship: Fall Bundle {Review}

Gods Kids Worship: Fall Bundle {Review}

If you’re anything like me, you are always on the lookout for great music for your Children’s Ministry.  I’m constantly scooping up CD’s and asking other kidmin leaders what they are listening to.  What? You don’t believe me?  Check out this recent tweet!  At any rate, I was super excited when I got an email from God’s Kids Worship asking me if I’d like to take a look at their Fall DVD Bundle.    I had heard quite a bit about God’s Kids Worship, but had never tried out one of the bundles for myself.  When the totally hip looking set showed up in the mail, I headed right downstairs to check it out.

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Here’s what I thought.

The Good

Schedule is Done: One of the things I love about this bundle is that the sets are already made up for you.  Maybe it’s just me, but I always have the toughest time picking out the songs for the week.  Sometimes I can’t find “just the right song” while other times, I feel like everything is tired and old.  Once in awhile, I have so many I want to sing, I don’t know how to narrow it down.  At any rate, I’m glad to see that I could use the ready-to-go worship orders if I wanted.

Fast/Slow Menu: I loved that the menu listed whether the song was fast or slow.  If decided to nix the pre-made set list and go with your own, this would be very helpful in picking out a song.  Also, if you just wanted some background music in your kidmin room, this feature would help you set the tone properly.

Short and Sweet Screen: I loved that there were only one or two lines on each screen.  It helps kids really focus on the words and early readers get less confused without all those extra lines.

Scripture:  One of the songs I was watching had a moment to stop and reflect on Scripture.  A voice read the whole verse including reference.  I love when we can put some reminders about God’s Word right into the music.

Songs: Some of the songs were really great and things I would completely use in our ministry.  A few of my favorites included Forever, Shout to the Lord (though it was a little fast for my taste) and Sing, Sing, Sing.  When Be Very Strong came on, my three year old cheered and jumped right up to sing along.


The Bad

Kid Voices: I know it’s supposed to be a plus, but kid voices aren’t exactly my thing.  I feel like they make the music too “childish” for the preteen kids, especially if we’ve already been singing songs with the original artist’s (i.e. Chris Tomlin) voice.

No CD: I don’t usually practice our kidmin songs in front of a TV, but rather with a CD player — either while playing with the kids are while in the car.  This set only comes with DVD’s, so I couldn’t do that.  I guess I could purchase the MP3 from the website and make a CD, but it would seem a whole lot nicer if a CD just came included.

Hymns: Usually, I’m a fan of hymns, but the ones on this DVD set seemed out of place and outdated.  Most of the music was high energy with crazy backgrounds so when a song like Peace Like a River came on, it seemed very strange.  I can’t see the kids in my ministry going for that song and I wouldn’t exactly call our church “cutting edge”.

Backgrounds: Speaking of backgrounds — I found quite a few of the backgrounds to be pretty distracting, especially the one from Happy Day.  I was so busy watching the arrows twirl around, I forgot to sing the song!

Tried and True, but Nothing New: Many of these songs are “classic” kidmin songs like Big House and Amazing Love.  However, if you’ve been in Children’s Ministry for any longer than a year, you probably already have a copy of most of these songs.  There were a couple of originals on this set, but not enough to invest in the whole set.

The Unsure

Repeats: I’m not sure how I feel about the repeats on this set.  Certain songs like Happy Day and All Because of Jesus are on two different DVDs.   On one hand, it’s convenient to not have to switch DVD’s around.  On the other hand, it seems silly to have the same song on two different “months”.  I guess this one is a matter of preference, but it seems strange to me.

Get Up Get Down: What was going on with this song?  I’m not sure if this was a “just for fun” song, but I was a little concerned about the lyrics.  One line says, “Just shake it and you’ll be alright”.  I’m not even sure what that means, but I don’t think it’s a message I want to be sending in my Children’s Ministry.


As far as free products go, I”m glad I’ve got this one.  I can see our church using a few of the videos in worship and a few more for transition peices.  However, would I pay $54 for this?  I’m not too sure.   Either way, I’m really glad I got a chance to check otu Gods Kids Worship.  I’m anxious to see the DVD’s in action and hear what the kids have to say about them.  I’ll keep you posted!

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Disclosure: I was given a free product in exchange for this review, and frankly, I love free products.  However, I must tell you that all opinions expressed are my own.  I’m telling you folks the truth! 🙂

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