Waiting on God’s Timing {Bible Lesson about David}

Waiting on God’s Timing {Bible Lesson about David}

It’s not always easy to wait on God’s timing.  If there is one thing that I have learned during these last two years, it is that God’s timing is vastly different than the timing we often wish for our own lives.  This last week, we learned about the life of David and waiting on God’s timing.  I wanted to do some vivid visuals for the kids, so I asked some of the team members to bring in some clocks.  You can find the lesson below.

Big Idea: I Will Trust God’s Timing

Scripture Reference:

Gather Your Props

To begin, find several props to represent various milestones or moments in David’s life.  For example:

  • Oil – David was anointed
  • Sheep – David spent time as a shepherd
  • Stones – David fought against Goliath
  • Musical Instrument – David fighting in the army
  • Bow and Arrows – Friendship with Jonathon
  • Sword – Running from Saul

You will also need a clock to match with every prop.  So, if you have six items to represent David’s life, you will need six clocks.  I also used a crown throughout the lesson to represent the role of king.


Say:  David was a person who lived long long ago.  He was just a kid, but God had big plans for his life.  God’s people had a king named Saul — it was the very first king that they had (hold up the crown) and he did a good job for a little while, but he was not completely obedient to God.  Soon, God decided He would choose a new king for his people.

Say: God told a man named Samuel to go and pick a new king.   Samuel went to the house of Jesse and looked at all of Jessie’s sons.  Some were very strong.  Some were very tall.  Some looked exactly what Samuel imagined a king should look like, but God was not interested in what the boys looked like.  God wanted someone who loved Him.  God chose David, the youngest son, as the next king.  Samuel anointed David’s head with oil (hold up the oil), and declared that one day, David would be king!  What an exciting day that must have been.

Say: David maybe thought that he would be heading to the palace to become king soon, but that was not God’s plan.  David had to wait.

Place clock in front of the oil prop.

Say: Even though David may have been disappointed, he chose to Trust God’s Timing (have kids repeat the Big idea back to you).

Say: David knew he was going to be king one day, but in the meantime, he was sent back out to the pasture.  His job was to take care of the family sheep.  He spent his days out in the fields making sure the fluffy little creatures didn’t get eaten.  While David was out in the fields, he had a lot of time to think and pray.  He wrote songs to God and learned how to trust God more (hold up the sheep prop).

Say: After awhile, David may have thought that he had watched sheep long enough.  He probably thought, “Okay, now that I am older, it is time for me to be king!” But that’s wasn’t God’s plan.  David still had to wait (put a clock in front of the sheep prop).  Instead, David had to trust God’s timing.

Say: One day, David’s dad needed David to run an errand.  His brothers were out at the battlefield and they needed some food.  David took cheese and bread to the troops.  Let’s read what happened.

Read: 1 Samuel 17:20-24

Say: Perhaps you know what happened next (hold up pouch or stone props).  With God’s help, David killed that bully of a giant.  The people were thrilled.  David may have thought, “Now that I have proven myself to be a warrior — now I will become king!”, but that was not the case (put a clock in front of the stones/pouch).  David had to wait on God’s timing.

Say: God’s people were so amazed at David!  The ladies sang songs about him.  Let’s read 1 Samuel 18:7 (show musical instrument prop).  When David heard the things people were saying about him, perhaps he thought — “Now must be the time!  The people love me!”.  But it was not time yet.  David still had to wait (place clock in front of musical instrument). Even though it was probably hard, David chose to Trust God’s Timing (have kids repeat the big idea back to you).  

Say: David continued to wait for several years.  He even ended up in the palace as a helper to Saul. He became good friends with the prince, Jonathon (hold up the bow and arrow prop) and tried his best to serve the current king.  Eventually, King Saul became so jealous of David that he tried to hurt him (hold up the sword prop).  Even when David had the opportunity, he did not hurt the king.  He trusted God’s timing instead (place a clock in front of the bow prop and the sword prop).  David had to wait.

Say: Maybe it seemed like God would never fulfill his promise to David, but we know that God always fulfills his promises.  After many years of waiting and waiting (hold up the various clocks), David finally became king (hold up the crown).  David was a good king and continued to trust God throughout his reign.

Say:  Sometimes we have to wait on God’s timing too.  Sometimes we have to wait for something to happen.  Maybe you’ve prayed for something over and over again and it doesn’t seem like God is listening.  He is.  He hears you.  He might want you to wait just like David did.  And while we are waiting, we know that we can Trust God’s Timing.

Close your lesson with prayer. 


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