Good Friends Are Hard to Find

Good Friends Are Hard to Find

My two year old daughter woke up, toddled through the kitchen, still half-dazed with her hair all askew, and headed towards the living room.  She looked around with bleary eyes and asked, “Where’s Rory?”  She was looking for her little friend who had been there when she woke up the day before.  Even at age two, Abigail places a tremendous value on her friendships.  She’s constantly asking to go visit someone or have someone visit her.  That’s because friendship is powerful.  Friendship is fun. Friendship give us something to look forward to every day.

As women, sometimes we get so “caught up in life” that we let our friendships slide.  Instead of thinking of friends, we shuffle across the kitchen, hair all askew, thinking of the coffee pot and the to-do list.  The laundry piles and the bills that need sorted and paid.  We check our facebook, lingering over photos of our friend’s kid and make a mental note to “do something with her soon”.  Maybe we go to work, maybe we drive our kids to school, maybe we settle in for another day of homeschooling or diapering and feeding.  During some quiet moment in our day, we again sign online.  Maybe to read a favorite blog of ours, maybe to check the message boards to see if anyone answered the question you posted last night.  We yearn for connection, we reach out in the brief ways that we can.  But let’s face it.  Good friends are hard to find.

That’s why I was excited to read a post over at Amanda’s blog “Impress Your Kids“.  She writes first about some great friends she grew up with and then adds:

What’s even cooler is that God has given me other sets of “sisterchicks” in life, too. I’ve found online friends that “get” me in other ways. The bloggers who have been around me since the beginning and know what this online world looks like. These are girls who have come to my house to spend the night, who have traveled across the world with me and have stayed up late typing prayers into Skype. God has used the internet to bring friends into my life!

There is something so great about finding like-minded people. My sisterchicks are like me because they’ve seen me in every season of my life. My online friends get me as a mom-blogger-wife trying to balance it all. And as I’ve entered this new phase of homeschool mom, I’ve found new friends–the moms in Lydia’s class. We are at each other’s kids’ birthday parties, planning field trips, bringing snacks to school and emailing each other when we can’t figure out an assignment. I can see if we all stay in this homeschool/school community together, that we’ll be friends for life as we raise our children together.

Would you like to find like-minded, soul-encouraging, forever friends like these? Well, I can’t promise you that, but what I can do is invite you to (in)RL which is an un-conference hosted by the ah-maz-ing (in)courage community.

So of course I hopped on over and got registered.  I’d love to connect with some other ladies in Erie, so check out the meet-up page and get registered!  In the meantime, check out this promo video!

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