Good Kings & Bad Kings (Free Lesson Script)

Good Kings & Bad Kings (Free Lesson Script)

Here is the lesson script I recently used for our midweek program. Hopefully, it will come in handy in your ministry as well!

Good Kings and Bad Kings

Before you start, you’ll need to get the following props ready: 

  • Three crowns
  • Three name tags (Saul, Solomon, Rehoboam)
  • Two posters: one labeled “Good Kings” and one labeled “Bad Kings”.  I used two tables  set up up longways in the air and attached poster board that way.   You could also put them on the wall or use a white board.

Let’s Begin!

We have been taking a look at the books of history.  When Israel was first in the promised land, the land that God gave them, they were ruled by judges.

Ask: Can anyone name one of the judges?

Allow kids to answer.

Good.  Then, Israel started to look at the nations around them, and they decided they wanted a king.  That’s that we’re going to talk about today.  We learn about the kings of Israel in these books: 1st and 2nd Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings, and 1st and 2nd Chronicles.

There many kings, but today we’re just going to take a closer look at three of them:

  • Saul
  • Solomon
  • Rehoboam

Through the lives of these kings, we see again that:

Obedience and Disobedience

I’m going to need three volunteers.

(Call up three volunteers, preferably boys and give them each a crown and a name tag for one of the above mentioned kings).

Let’s begin with Saul.

Coloring Page from What’s in the Bible 

Now, Saul was the very first king of Israel.  He was tall and handsome and he turned out to be a pretty good warrior.  Things were going pretty well at the beginning, but, well, let’s see what happens.

When Saul was a good king, he obeyed God, but then he begin to disobey and turned out to be a pretty bad king.  So, what can we add to the chart?

(Write “obeyed God” on the Good Kings chart and allow kids to suggest other answers as well. )

Anything else?

The next king, after Saul, was David, but we’re going to skip him for today, and go on to his son, Solomon.   Now, you probably know that Solomon was a very wise king.  In fact, God told Solomon he would give him anything he wished for, and Solomon chose wisdom over fame, fortune, or power.

So, sort of like Saul, Solomon started out on the right track, but he started to make some bad choices along the way.  Let’s take a look:

After watching the video, ask:

So, what can we add to our charts?

Allow kids to answer and write their suggestions on the appropriate charts (be sure to include worshipping fake gods on the bad kings chart). 

Coloring Page from What’s in the Bible 

Our third king today is Rehoboam.  He was Solomon’s son.  And you can find most of his story in 1 Kings, chapter 12.  When Rehoboam first became king, the people asked him to show them kindness.   He wasn’t sure what to do, so he asked the older, wiser men for advice and they told him to kind to the people.  Rehoboam also asked his friends what to do (v 8-11).  They told him to be harsh and mean to his people.  Unfortunately, Rehoboam listened to the wrong advice and when the people heard how mean he was, they refused to follow him.  And in fact, the nation of Israel ended up divided into two parts (kind of like a Civil War) because of the way Rehoboam treated the people!

What can we add to the charts?

Allow kids to answer.

Now, we have another king to look at… this is a surprise king.  This king didn’t wear fancy clothes or live in a palace.  Can anyone guess who he is?

His crown looked a bit different then the other kings.


If you guessed, Jesus, you’re right!

Jesus was born much later than these kings, but he was the BEST KING OF ALL.  Let’s look at the charts.

Jesus had all the characteristics of a good king, and a whole lot more.  These kings saved their people from the bad guys around them, but Jesus can save us from our sins!  He has more power than anyone, and He want to be your friend.

He truly is the best king of all.

Let’s pray.

To find coordinating crafts and games, head to this post!

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