Grab a Pumpkin. Join the Team.

Grab a Pumpkin. Join the Team.

I’ve heard the bulletin is the worst place to look for volunteers.  Personally, I read the bulletin cover to cover every week, usually during offering, so I’m still a believer.  It’s a great place to INTRODUCE the congregation to a serving opportunity, but it doesn’t always provide them with an chance to make a commitment.  Usually by the time the last hymn is sung, the crayons are gathered, the Bibles are packed and the hellos are said, the average person has forgotten all about their intention to find you and sign up for the Halloween Block Party.

This year, we decided to try a different approach.  We placed this display near the coffee table in the gym.

The idea is for people to pick a job they are interested in and then write their name on one of the blanks.  Instant commitment.   We wanted to write out the jobs so people had something specific to sign up for instead of the generic “Yes, I’ll help with the Halloween Block Party”.  I think it helps people envision the night a little better.  Gives them more of a chance to say, “Hey, that sounds like fun!”

Here’s a closer look:

Want to make your own?

Here’s what you need:

  • Foam Board
  • Pumpkin Templates (try here or here)
  • Orange Paper
  • Sharpie

Here’s what to do:

Figure out how many jobs you’ll need and print a coordinating amount of pumpkins.  You can find lots of options by Googling “pumpkin coloring page”.  You can feed orange paper into a printer either through the bypass tray or by opening up the drawer and putting it over the white paper.  After they are printed, cut them out and write the the type of job across the top.  Slap a couple of blanks so people can write their names and glue all your pumpkins to a piece of foam board.  Label the display and set up on an easel.  That’s it! Nice job!

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  1. Great idea – thanks for sharing

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