Great New Bible App for Kids!

Great New Bible App for Kids!

Every since we got our Kindle Fire, I’ve been on the lookout for great apps for the kids.  We originally purchased the Kindle for my husband and I, but the kids quickly took over ownership.  🙂  (You know how it goes!) Sometimes it’s a struggle finding good quality games, and I especially hate spending money on something I end up deleting three days later. Academic games were hard enough to find, but good quality Bible apps?  Sheesh, you could just about forget it.  Especially if you’re one of the four people in America who still don’t have a smartphone.  🙂

However, the other day, a couple of my Children’s Church kids strolled into class , Kindles under their arm.  They were eager to show me their electronic Bible as well as this new app they downloaded.

Bible App for Kids

They gave me a quick tour and it looked amazing, with super interactive graphics and beautiful illustrations.  I couldn’t wait to get home to try it out with my own kids.    Of course, in the chaos of glue sticks and glitter, I forgot all about the app and didn’t end up downloading it after all.

Then, a few days later, I get an email from Calea at OneHope telling me all about a new Bible app developed in partnership with YouVersion (the hot Bible reading and sermon app).   Of course, I hopped right on the Kindle and grabbed the app (FREE!).   It was the same one the kids in Children’s Church were raving about.  Let me tell you, this thing is cool.

The Good:

  • Less than one week after launching, the Bible App for Kids was installed on more than one million unique devices around the world. Impressive.
  • It is FREE!!!
  • It available at the Apple Store, Google Play, and on Amazon.
  • Super in-depth playing — not only is the Scripture read to the kids, but they can touch everything on the screen for more interactive fun. Water splashes, lions roar, and things move and dance at the touch of a finger.
  • FREE resources for Parents: downloadable for each story filled with extension activities, questions, discussion starters, prayers, and coming soon—downloadable coloring sheets!

The Bad:

  • Initial download time is quite lengthy.  Not only do you have to wait 5 minutes for the app to download, but each story needs to download too. However, after the first time, you can get right to playing.
  • Only a few stories.  When we first started playing with the app, I was super excited.  We learned about creation, the fall of man, and then… what?? Christmas? It was a total bummer to skip over the entire Old Testament.  However, I know One Hope is adding new stories frequently, and the stories that ARE available are super high quality.

Check it Out!

My kids especially love the creation story.  Check out these graphics!

The story is compelling and this has become their favorite app ever since we downloaded it two weeks ago.

So far, this app has the story of Creation, the Fall of Man, Christmas, Easter, healing of the paralytic, and it’s latest story: A Forever Promise (Revelations).

Kids of all ages seem to love the app.  My preschool kids adore it and those two kids I mentioned earlier from Children’s Church (ages 6 & 8) came bursting in the doors the other day to tell me about the new story on the app.   This is a winner for sure.

A Few Notes on One Hope:

  • OneHope has touched nearly a billion lives with God’s Word using innovate Scripture engagement tools—print, feature length and short films, Apps, virtual worlds, and much more!
  • Their flagship product, the Book of Hope, is available in 142 languages and has been adapted culturally for over 125 different countries in age appropriate versions.

Want to Know More?  Check Out:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by OneHope.  However, all opinions expressed are honest and true.  I love this app and hope you will download it soon yourself!

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