Guest Follow-up Letter

Guest Follow-up Letter

Just Get ‘er Done!

Sometimes it’s remarkable how easy it is to just DO the things we’ve been putting off, and putting off, and putting off.  I have been procrastinating on this follow-up letter (to send guests after their first visit) for well…. maybe months, thinking “I don’t know where to start”.  However, today, I just sat down and started typing, and wouldn’t you know it — the letter was done in less than 10 minutes.

That is almost ridiculous.

Of course, it will need some tweeks, but I read once that “it’s easier to edit garbage than to start with a blank page”.    Along this line of thinking, I’m going to post my first draft of the guest follow up letter, hoping that it gives you a head start (if you’ve been putting it off too!).  If you’ve got a great follow-up letter, be sure to link up in the comments as well.

Here is It (download it in PDFor Word):

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for bringing your child to Children’s Church this week!  It was so nice to meet your family  and we appreciate the effort it took for you to make it to church.  I’m sure there are plenty of demands on your time as a family, and we’re glad you chose to invest in something that will make a real difference in your whole family’s life.

This week, we learned about _____________________________________.  Each week, we try to incorporate some fun, hands-on ways for kids to experience the lesson.  This week was no different.  Included on the schedule were ______________________________________________________.  Be sure to ask your child what their favorite part was.  You can also follow up at home by checking out the story found in ___________________________ in the Bible.

We’d love to hear what you thought of East Lake Road Alliance Church.  Please find enclosed a survey for our first time guests.  If you could fill it out with your child and return it to the church, we’d really appreciate it.  We’re constantly making revisions to the program in order to serve the needs of our church members better.

Speaking of revisions, we’ve got some exciting things coming in the near future including a parenting class on Wednesdays.  We’ve also got great Sunday School classes for all ages.  If you’d like to be a part of these, just let myself or Anne know (her number is xxx-xxxx).

Also, be sure to check out our website ( for upcoming seasonal events, regular programs, and ways you can get involved.  I’ve enclosed a Children’s Ministry brochure so you can see what our program is all about.

Thanks again for joining us and we hope to see you again soon!


Lindsey Whitney

Children’s Ministry Director

[my email]

[my phone number]

Don’t Forget:

  • Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope for them to return the survey in
  • Some churches have a survey online too
  • Sign the letter personally.  A little note about a the kid is great too!

Other Helpful Stuff:

First Time Survey from Catalyst Church (click on bubbles)

First Time Survey from United Methodist Church (fill in blank boxes)

Fusion: Great book for incorporating new-comers into the church

Return Guest Survey (for 2nd visit)



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  1. Love it! Can I steal it for our ministry?
    Jeff recently posted..The Secret Sauce to Partnering With Parents

  2. Jeff, of course — that’s why it’s posted!

  3. We had a follow up letter, and I also loved the idea of a quick survey. (We had ours on a self-stamped / addressed post card, so it was easy to fill in and return). Also, we had a local restaurant donate 100’s of kids meal coupons, so we included a couple of those coupons in the guest letter — a little incentive to fill out the survey.
    Joey recently posted..Is My Son Ready for Baptism?

  4. Love the coupon idea!

  5. Thanks for the great info.

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