Halloween Alternatives for Home and Church

Halloween Alternatives for Home and Church

Are you looking for something non-Halloween focused activities to do this fall?  Last year, we had an amazing Princess and Warrior party at the church based roughly on an ideas from Children’s Ministry Magazine.  Here are few other ideas:

From Bridgette Williams:

  • Having a pizza night for your children and their friends. You can go all out and arrange a party at your local Chunky Cheese pizza restaurant or take the group to their favorite pizza place.
  • Plan a trip to your local planetarium. Take your children and some of their friends to the planetarium for a fun filled Halloween night experience. Even in the day, this trip will be fun! A planetarium is not only fun and fascinating, it is educational. Shh. Don’t tell the kids that part. Let them be amazed by the show and they will not even notice that it is Halloween by the time they enjoy the thrilling experience. Wonder and magic in the stars for all.
  • Make Halloween a movie night. Seeing a movie in a theater is a great Halloween celebration alternative. Treat your children to a kid’s movie of their choice, popcorn included. Going to the movies is always fun and memorable. Kids love going to the movies and most adults do, as well. Just choose your movie wisely.

From Mimi Bullock:

  • Have a Corn Shucking contests or a Pie Eating Contests
  • Have a bonfire and roast  hot dogs
  • Have a fall party — decorate everything in orange, including food and drinks

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From the Amazing Mom Blog:

  • Explore the inside of a gourd or pumpkin with your little ones. Let them feel, taste and smell the wonder of the season.
  • Have a pumpkin seed spitting contest!
  • Bob for apples…it’s been a while hasn’t it?
  • Fill a wagon with hay and take your little one on a “hay ride” around the neighborhood.
  • Decorate mini pumpkins with paint.
  • Enjoy fun wheelbarrow races.
  • Go on a leaf collection hunt and pick ones to press into scrapbooks.  Or make leaf place mats.

Painting Pumpkins

Danielle’s Place has tons of crafts to check out!

Here’s an idea for your home from Mary Fairchild:

I have a friend who decided years ago to make Halloween a night for creative witnessing. Her particular neighborhood goes “all out” for Halloween. Everyone participates in an elaborate and coordinated decorating project. The display is so popular and well-visited that over 3000 trick-or-treaters pass through their street each year. My friend is also an artist. On Halloween she and her husband turn their front yard into a graveyard. The gravestones are engraved with Scriptures in calligraphy that provoke visitors to think about eternity and mortality. The messages spark questions, and she has had endless opportunities over the years to share her faith.

Lifeway has a big list of Halloween Alternatives too.

What about your church?  What’s been your favorite Fall Festival activity?

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  1. Kimberly Everett says:

    We believe that it is important for the church to be a LIGHT on the darkest night of the year. That said, we think the best course of action is not to “beat ’em” but to “join ’em”! During trick/treat, we open our social hall w/ simple games and invite the trick/treaters in w/ their parents. This yr, it will be built around our VBS theme (we used Group’s High Seas Expedition)…I have one of our teens (who is very handy!) building a small bowling alley…already bought a child’s bowling set…penny toss into glasses…”battery” bowling, toss the Nerf football through a hanging hula hoop (in this case, a porthole!), etc. These are easy games and the kids get a piece of candy at each one. We also set up a craft table (which was a HUGE hit last yr) and do leftover VBS crafts. There is a parent corner w/ sofas and chairs for the adults to hang out. Of course, hot dogs, donuts, hot chocolate, coffee, etc. I have church members to run each game AND to mingle w/ our visitors. At the end, each child gets a Bible buddy and a card w/ all the church info and an invite to join us to worship. As followup, I mail a photo frame w/ a pic we take that night to each child with another invite to come back. Because we get all demographic info, I then invite each child every time we do something “kid-related.” This has been a very successful outreach for us…certainly, our favorite fall activity. Blessings! Kimberly

  2. Some great ideas! Thanks for sharing Kimberly.

  3. Halloween isn’t just for children. Instead of taking kids around searching for candy, take them to visit a senior citizen center and bring joy to them. The children could bake something at home with their parents and then bring them to the senior citizen center and have a little gathering filled with laughter and stories. Surely, giving your time to those who are normally forgotten on this day would be fulfilling.

  4. Mike Vitamvas says:

    Just found your site and Subscribed. The more good ideas that we can share with each other the better that will make our groups and the more people we will be able to reach.

  5. good read, thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Just discovered this site through Yahoo, what a way to brighten up my month!

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