Halloween Block Party  {Pictures and a Philosophy}

Halloween Block Party {Pictures and a Philosophy}

For the first time in five years, we actually had amazing weather for our Halloween block party.   Every year I waffle on where I stand on this skeleton and ghoul filled holiday, but I think I’ve finally reached a conclusion.

I’m not a fan of scary stuff.  In general. I don’t understand the appeal of haunted houses and I certainly don’t think sticking graves in your front yard is fun or attractive.  However, I am a big fan of community.   As a stood in my front yard this year, passing out hot chocolate and greeting families, I started looking up and down the street at my neighbors.  Many were sitting in their front lawns with bowls full of candy, just waiting to bring a smile to a child’s face.  I’m a fan of that.

Halloween Block Party

I’m a fan of showing love to my neighbors however I can.  If that means standing outside on Halloween, passing out candy bags and invitations to our church, then I’m in.

Halloween Block Party  (13)

I’m a fan of having fun.  And I think most kids are too.  That’s why I love that we offer a few games on the front lawn.  I love that people came by this year and said things like, “This is the best house on the block!”  or “I remember you guys from last year.  This is so nice.”

Halloween Block Party  (16)

So, there you have it.  I still don’t really like Halloween.  I still avoid stores all of October because I don’t like looking at all the vampires and witches (and partly because I’m actually a recluse).  However, I will take the opportunity that is before and make the most of it.  I will borrow some flood lights, set the front yard ablaze with light, pack candy bags with the kids and stand outside all night greeting and smiling.  That sounds like a good plan to me!

Now, do you want to see some pictures? Here’s the games we had set up this year!

Monster Mouth

Halloween Block Party  Games

Toss a bean bag in the mouth of the monster.  I put a dumbell in the bottom of the box to keep it from tipping.  At first, I thought the mouth was too high, but the boys really enjoyed chucking it in.

Ping Pong Toss

Halloween Block Party  (11)

Each cup was worth a different amount and kids had to get 30 points to win.

Halloween Block Party  (5)Our prizes were glow sticks.


Halloween Block Party: Kerplunk Game

This game was made with tomato cages, ball pit balls, and Bamboo Garden Stakes.  Remove three sticks without the balls falling and you win!

Lily Pad Leap

Halloween Block Party

This is a popular one from last year.  Basically you toss tiny frogs into the lily pads to win.

We also passed out hot cocoa and hot dogs this year, which everyone loved.  And hopefully everyone took a look inside their candy bag to read the messages of God’s love we left inside.  🙂

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