Halloween: What Are You Planning?

Halloween: What Are You Planning?

It’s a controversial holiday.   I still haven’t quite decided where I land on the whole issue, and it’s only complicated by the fact that now I have my own children to think about!  What about your ministry?  What are planning this year?

For this Halloween, we're planning:

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  1. I did not vote above because I could not find an option for what we are doing. This year we are not doing anything but only because we are holding a family week of services from the 17-21st. We will be feeding hot meals from 5:30-6:30 everynight and then doing a service for the whole family from 6:45-7:45pm.

    We have chosen the them of super heroes with Jesus being one, parents being another, the kids themselves being another etc. We will give away gift grocery gift cards for parents every night and other gifts for the kids.

  2. Keep working ,great job!

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