Happy Birthday! {Construction Theme Party}

Happy Birthday! {Construction Theme Party}

Last week, we celebrated my son’s birthday.  The little Monkey turned two years old and I am so thankful for the gift God gave me with him.   He’s active, funny, and always entertaining to be around.  For the party this year, we decided to go with a construction theme.  Since this month’s theme in 252Basics is “Some Assembly Required”, I thought it might be a good time to share!

Construction Party Malachi (5)

We started with construction tape and taped off the cupboards.  I picked up a bunch of construction themed books from the libary and used them to decorate the counter where cake would be displayed.

Construction Party Malachi (6)

We went with orange spoons, forks, and plates to go with orange cones, but yellow could have worked just as well.  For the napkins, we found some heavy machinary ones at Party City.

Construction Party Malachi (3)

Orange streamers outline all the door frames and little machines swoop across the top for a finishing touch!

Construction Party Malachi (4)

On the kitchen table, I put out some construction paper, crayons, and some little construction vehicle stickers.  I like setting up stations like this because guests can create and play at their own leisure.

Construction Party Malachi (14)

Outside, we had more coloring set up along with some Chuck the Truck coloring books (picked up at the Dollar Tree).

Construction Party Malachi (15)

Also outside was the baby pool which was about to be converted to a sand pit (as soon as Grandma arrived with the sand!)

Construction Party Malachi (16)

Yeah!  The sand is here and it’s construction time!

Sand Pit Construction

Who needs a construction worker outfit?

Construction Party Malachi (17)

I grabbed a pack of Child Construction Hatson Amazon (12 for $5) along with some construction worker vests at the Dollar Tree and hung them on the fence with some string and clothespins.

Construction Party Malachi (18)

These were terrific decorations for about 3 minutes until the kids arrived and canabalized them.  🙂

Construction Party

Of course, they looked pretty cute on the kids too!

Construction Party Malachi (19)

On the picnic table outside, we laid some of Monkey’s play tools out to serve as both a centerpiece some weight on the plastic cloth.

A few more decorations inside:

Construction Paper Collage

And a peek at the AMAZING cake my sister made!

Construction Party Malachi (22)

As for games and activities, we let the stations do most of the work.  We set out some blocks and played a few rounds of “Red Light, Green Light”, but didn’t stress about trying to organize something.  After all, kids are very gifted at having fun — why complicate things?

Construction Party Malachi (25)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Construction!

Construction Party Malachi (34)

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