Happy Fall Y’All {Volunteer Appreciation}

Happy Fall Y’All {Volunteer Appreciation}

Inspired by this post over at Make Bake Celebrate, I decided to put together a little Fall Treat bag for our Kids for Christ team.  I had just put up the Leaf Appreciation on my door, but I wanted our team to have a little something to take home in their hands.  I cannot say enough good about the Wednesday night Children’s Ministry team at our church.  They are there every week, running small groups and hanging with the kids.  Many times, the small groups will meet around tables in the gym so I get to eavesdrop on their discussions and I am loving what I’m hearing.   Every team member is so different and I love that each person has their own unique method when working with the kids.  And the kids love it too!


If you’ve got a great volunteer team too, what are you waiting for?  Put together a treat back and let them know how grateful you are for their service!

Here’s what you do!

What You Need:

What You Do:

Fill up your bags with salty sweet goodness and tie it off.  Some nice raffia would be great, but twist ties will do just find.  Slip the little tag on before you finish tying or tape it to the front.  Deliver with a smile and be sure to thank your team members sincerely as you hand out the bags!


What About You?

What kind of things do you like to do to show appreciation to your team?  Check out my Children’s Ministry pinterest board for more ideas or leave a comment and share an idea of your own!

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