Happy Purim!

Happy Purim!

Tomorrow is the Jewish holiday of Purim, the most rollicking holiday on the Jewish calendar. Purim marks the day Queen Esther of Persia outwitted her husband’s evil henchman, Haman, who planned to kill all the Jews in the kingdom.   Here’s some fun ideas on how to celebrate Purim in your Children’s Ministry:

  • Read the book of Esther outloud to the kids (you may want to use a paraphrase or kids Bible). Have kids make as much noise as possible whenever Haman’s name is mentioned: booing, hissing, yelling or shaking their groggers.
  • Have your kids dress up in costumes and stage skits that tell the story of the holiday.
  • Play lots of games and be sure to hand out candy or prizes.  Make it a real festival!
  • Make the traditional Hamantaschen cookies, shaped like Haman’s hat.  Find instructions here.
  • Check out these craft ideas for Purim.

Hope you have a great Purim party!  What other Jewish holidays do you celebrate?

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  1. What a great post Lindsey! I love the idea of celebrating Purim. Thanks for some great ideas for the future.
    adriel recently posted..all the children of the world- laugh loud