Headed to The Gathering!

Headed to The Gathering!

Hey Readers!  By the time you see this post, I will be on my way to Chicago for one of my favorite conferences: The Gathering hosted by David C. Cook.   The conference begins at 1:30 and I’ll be filling Growing Kids Ministry with updates and messages from the speakers, so stay tuned!

The first speaker up to bat is Mike Erre, which I’m thrilled about. I’ve recently just finished reading his book The Jesus of Suburbia: Have We Tamed the Son of God to Fit Our Lifestyle? and it is filled with underline and circles.  It’s a great book and very thought provoking. I’m hoping to get a chance to ask a few further questions if Mike has any free time.   I’m also really looking forward to a night of worship on Wednesday night.

Stay tuned for more!

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