Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

Arts and crafts used to be part of every school curriculum, and a prominent one at that. Nowadays, an increased number of schools are cutting it from their program, to the disappointment of parents and children everywhere.

Not only are arts fun, but they also bring a number of health benefits with them and help early childhood development immensely. Luckily, it’s possible to utilize arts as a learning tool at home, with simple art and crafts projects, with a number of benefits for your child.

Here is a quick overview of the developmental benefits of arts and crafts:

Your child needs to develop fine motor skills in order to eat, dress, tie their shoes or write. Fine motor skills are skills which require refined use of the small muscles controlling the hand and the fingers. To develop them, your child needs to do tasks that develop their dexterity and strength. This is where cutting patterns, drawing shapes, holding a paintbrush and coloring within the lines come in.


  1. Bilateral Coordination Development

A lot of everyday tasks involve bilateral coordination – the ability to use both sides of the body to perform a task. It’s important to help strengthen the links between the left and right side of the brain, ensuring their communication. Most arts and crafts will require your child to use both hands: if they need to cut a pattern, they will need to hold and move the paper with the other hand. This will increase their brain performance and prepare them for more complex tasks later on.


  1. Language Development

One of the first things we teach toddlers is to tell different colors, shapes and actions apart. Arts and crafts are of great help tolanguage development because parents, and later teachers, can use them as a tool for expanding the child’s vocabulary. The goal is for the child to develop their vocabulary enough to be able to describe artwork styles.

  1. Perseverance and Focus

Focusing on the step-by-step instructions and learning to follow them will be very helpful later on, when the child needs to focus on studying. The combination of perseverance and focus being though here is unique, and we shouldn’t pass this opportunity to teach them.

Even when planned to tiny details, crafts can go wrong – making us start all over again. As parents, we can use this as a tool to develop flexibility, patience and perseverance in a child. Arts and crafts give us the opportunity to showcase the saying ‘practice makes perfect’.

  1. Increasing Self- Esteem

A healthy child is confident in their abilities. Choose arts and crafts according to the skill level of your child, and increase them as you go through the simpler ones. A sense of accomplishment will be present every time a new craft is completed and it becomes a great source of pride. It will instill the habit of seeing things through in children, which is something every parent wants.


  1. Problem Solving

Doing arts and crafts teaches your child to go from point A to point B, helping them learn how to independently reach the result they want. From simple choices in color and shape, their experimentation will lead them to more complex decision of designing a path while considering all the things that can go wrong, developing their critical thinking.

  1. Visual Learning

The importance of visual learning is far greater today than it was 30 years ago, thanks to the development to technology. An art education will teach your child to interpret, criticize and use visual information, using it as a basis for their choices.

  1. Creativity and Accountability

Art and crafts will provide an outlet for self-expression for your child, developing a sense of innovation and creativity. Crafts also foster a sense of accountability, as children realize their role in the creation process.

If you were to do a simple sewing project with your child – embroidering their name onto the fabric or adding stickers of their initials, your child will ideally have control of the color and fabric choices, as well as the placement. This will help them to understand who they are better, in addition to understanding their contribution and showing them what it feels like to create something of their own.

Arts and crafts can help your child achieve the developmental milestones lined out by National Institute of Health, while bonding with you and having fun in the process. Take advantage of the benefits they provide for your child and start designing simple project today.

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