Helping Around the House: Chores for Little Ones

Helping Around the House: Chores for Little Ones

10 Chores for Little Ones

Kids love to help!  Of course, often times it takes more effort to allow them help than it does to “just do it myself”.  They’ve got to learn though and with a little practice, soon their “helping” really will be a big help!  Wondering where to start?

Here are the chores we {try to} do in our house.   My kids are {just turned} three and 18 months, so they jobs don’t always get done perfectly, but they are learning!

Make Bed

This one is a team effort.   We’ve only got a bottom (fitted sheet) on the beds and then a blanket or two, so it’s not too tough, but the blankets don’t always fit right, so we do this one together.  The {almost} three year old that is.  I don’t even attempt with the l.5 year old!

Fold Washclothes

I hope this one improves their hand eye coordination too, because I’m sure this takes more time than it’s worth.  Especially considering we just throw all our wash clothes into a big basket in the closet anyway!

Wash Windows

This is definitely one that doesn’t get done perfectly!  We usually take out the windows to wash them once in the Spring and once in the Summer.  I let the kids go at it first, getting a lot of the grime off and then I finish up, making sure they really shine.  So, this is also an exercise in turn taking!  🙂

Unload Dishwasher

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I am amazed at how much the kids love this one!  Both of my kids jumped on this chore as soon as they were able to walk and they are actually quite good at it.  I let them unload everything on the bottom shelf (except sharp stuff!), hand it to me and then I put it away.

Put Silverware Away

Sometimes my {almost} three year old wants to take it a step further with the dishwasher unloading.  Often I’ll set all the silverware on the counter for her and she can put it away while standing on a stool.  Very helpful!


License Some rights reserved by Tom CarmonyAgain, I’m amazed that the kids can even do this one!  One time I was doing a quick sweeping of the living room with our Eureka Quick Up Cordless Vacuum and the kids (my own and the home day care kids) started begging for a turn.  Fine with me!  They vacuumed until the battery on that thing died!   And they didn’t do a half bad job either.  Yeah!

Empty Trash Bowl

Once, I heard Rachel Ray recommend keeping a bowl on the counter while you’re prepping your dinner or whatever.  Pull all the scraps and trash in that and then you don’t have to worry about running to the trash can all the time.  My kids love to sit on the counter and watch, stir, or put things in the bowl and this is the perfect job for them to finish off the dinner prep time!

Take This…


I remember as a kid taking this and that to different rooms for my mom.  Often my brother and I would race to see who could put stuff in a room and get back first.  My kids are starting to be helpful in this realm, but often they get distracted before arriving at the proper destination!

Put Cups in Sink

How do so many cups end up all over the house? Seriously.   Thankfully, this is a easy job for toddler to do and succeed at!

Clean up Toys

This one, I’m sure is part of your everyday routine anyway, but sometimes it’s SO MUCH easier to just pick up all the toys yourself instead of involving the kids.  Of course, when the kids are required to clean up after themselves, they might think twice before getting 37 toys out at once.  Maybe.

What About You?

What chores do your little ones do at home?

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  1. What a fun post! I really enjoyed it. The kids are so cute.

    Kathy M.
    Kathy Matthews recently posted..What Were The Dreams of Your Youth?

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Kathy!

  3. So sweet seeing your children doing their chores. I’m a believer in chores and love seeing my grandchildren work diligently.
    Pamela recently posted..Knitting Shelter

  4. Hey Pamela,

    Thanks for stopping by! It certainly warms my heart to see the kids helping out as well!

  5. I love these ideas. I try to give my kids plenty of responsibilities simply because they feel so proud of themselves when they have done something hard. I never thought to let my toddler help with washing windows. I think I might have to start doing that.
    Kirstylee recently posted..Savers Shopping Trip and Dress Refashion

  6. Kirstylee — I have noticed that the more I allow my kids to help, the more they want to. Getting better every day!

  7. My Three year old really enjoys shining all of dads dress shoes. No polish. Just a wet rag to get the dust off.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca. That’s a great idea!

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