Helping Your Child Get into the Bible

Helping Your Child Get into the Bible

As Christian parents, we desire for our little ones to read and appreciate God’s Word, but it sometimes seems like an overwhelming task.  How do you help your children to get into the Bible?  It’s not as hard as you might think.  Here are few suggestions to get your starting.

Bible Book Report Do It Yourself

Make sure your kids see you reading the Bible.  Modeling is the most effective teaching method.  As a child, I remember coming up the stairs every morning and seeing my parents sitting at the table, reading their Bible or praying.  I knew that God’s word was important based on their actions.

Make it Appealing

Make sure to find an age appropriate version with the features that will most appeal to your child.   Does your kid love comic books?  Check out the Action Bible.  Is she a girly-girl?  Take a look at God’s Little Princess Bible.   If you’re reading the Bible to your little one, make sure you read the stories in order and help make connections to show that the Bible is one big piece of history.

The Action Bible

Don’t Be Afraid to Mark it Up

Highlighting or underlining a verse is a way we acknowledge God is speaking to us about something.   Allow your child to make their Bible their own, as long as they are showing respect for God’s Word.

Do It Together

Read the Bible together.  Make it a family habit.  In our house, we do naptime devotions.  Maybe morning or dinner time would work better for you.  You could even listen to the Bible on a CD or through an app when in the car.  Figure out a way to make Bible reading a habit and it will stick with your kids.


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