Help Your Preschooler Love and Respect God

In connection to our church’s upcoming BIG EVENT: Joseph’s Journey to Egypt, we’ll be running a summer series in our weekly Kid’s Club newsletter from the book , How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph

Preschoolers and Respect for God

Young children respond to the gospel when they hear a consistent gospel message every day.  So how can we bring the good news of Christ to these little ones day after day in a way that teaches them to respect and love God?  Here are some ideas:

Choose a Family Verse for the Year

It should be centered on the awesomeness and authority of God.  Choose a short one and repeat it often.

Explain God’s character traits

We talk about the character of God, but children often don’t know what we mean.  Play a family game where you describe other family members (nice descriptions!).  Remember that younger children won’t understand a lot of descriptive words yet.  An example might be “Dad is strong.  Mom is happy.  Sister is smart”.  When you see your children understand this, talk about God the same way.  “Grandma is loving. God is more loving than anyone.” (p44)

Go on family trips

Head to the planetarium, the mountains, the lake.  Talk about how God is the Creator of everything you see.

Go Outside

Talk about how God made all the stars, planets, and everything in space.

Make crafts with God’s creation

Go outside and gather twigs, flowers, leafs, etc.  Arrange everything on a piece of construction paper and then place contact paper over top.  Write a verse on the construction paper (before the contact paper step), or glue a verse over the contact paper.

Be consistent in your discipline

Children learn the meaning of authority from their parents.  We should expect children to obey when we ask them to do something.  When we laugh or ignore disobedience we are teaching them that obedience isn’t important.  Without this understanding of the importance of obedience, children won’t learn to respect God.


Choose songs that talk about the holiness of God, his creation, or his love and sing them together.  Encourage your child to make up their own praise song (p45).

Teach the difference a lie and the truth

Play a truth and lie game with your kids.  As your sitting at the table, make a true or false statement (i.e. I didn’t eat that cookie).  Ask your child if your statement is a lie or not.  Also, check out the book “Tell the Truth, Tyler!

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