Holy and Happy {Teaching Kids Basic Bible Theology}

Holy and Happy {Teaching Kids Basic Bible Theology}

We’re in lesson seven in our Catechism curriculum with the kids in our midweek program.  Here’s what we have covered so far this quarter (click through for more lesson details):

Grab the PDF chart of all our current and upcoming questions here!

This week, we will be tackling Question #22 in the Catechism for Boys and Girls, but as I mentioned before, we will be adjusting the wording a bit.

Adam and Eve Holy and Happy

Q: Describe Adam and Eve at the Beginning of Time

A: God made them Holy and Happy

Supporting Scripture: 2 Peter 3:11b

Lesson Time

During our lesson, we’ll touch on these key points:

  • When God made Adam and Eve, they lived in a perfect world.
  • They were created with holy and sinless hearts
  • They were happy because they were holy — they loved and obeyed God.
  • Unfortunately, they did not stay holy and happy.
  • Adam and Eve disobeyed and introduced sin into the world and now, everyone suffers from the problem of a sinful heart.
  • A sinful heart is a big problem because it keeps us from loving and obeying God.
  • God solved the problem of our sinful hearts through his perfect son, Jesus, who took the punishment for our sins.

More Games and Activities

For this question and answer, there are three main ideas you could focus on: Adam and Eve, Sinful Hearts, and Salvation.

Adam and Eve Crafts and Games

The Creation Felt Story Craft (Printable) by Keeping Life Creative

Trees in the Garden Craft by I Love Crafty Things

Bible Verse Snake by Hands on Bible Teacher

There’s no instructions or printable for this, but I think you can figure it out from the picture.

Adam and Eve Stick Puppets by Living in Lilluput

Jungle Trees (Make your own Garden of Eden) by My Kid Craft

More Lessons and Coloring Pages About Adam and Eve

Full Lesson and Worksheets

Free Printables by Christian Preschool Printables 

Life Way Kids Coloring Page

Adam and Eve Coloring


More Coloring and Word Worksheets by Bible Based Homeschooling 

 p.s. All the Creation Themed posts on Growing Kids Ministry are here.

Sinful Heart Crafts and Activities

Sinful and Clean Hearts Craft

Give me a Clean Heart by Stuff We Do Blog

Frozen Heart

Give Me A Clean Heart Bible Lesson by Ministry to Children


How to Have a Pure Heart (Complete Lesson) by Kids in His Presence

Clean or Unclean Hearts

Clean or Unclean Hearts

This contains a number of games and activities, including making your own heart shaped soap!  (p.s. To my team members — I do have a heart shaped silicone mold if anyone wants to use it!)

Salvation Crafts and Activities

Heart and Cross Craft

Cross in Heart Craft by the Crafty Classroom


Tape Resist Cross Painting by the Golden Gleam 

Other Stuff

Raking Leaves Bible Verse Memory Review Game

My Complete Children’s Ministry Pinterest Board

My Catechism Pinterest Board


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  1. What an awesome list of resources! I taught the girls about Adam and Eve and the garden a few weeks ago! I really need to stalk you blog more for some ideas too for teaching in Nursery at church. I’m sure you have some good ones!
    Katelyn F recently posted..Celebrate the Sleeping Beauty DVD Release from the Vault!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Katelyn. I’m glad you like the ideas! Do you use Bloglovin?

  3. Yes! I do! And I follow you on there, but I am not always so good about actually opening up my daily emails from them…. Totally lame of me.
    Katelyn F recently posted..How to Stop Drowning in Laundry – My Simple 3 Day Laundry Solution

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