Homeschool Kindergarten: Here We Come!

Homeschool Kindergarten: Here We Come!

Little Chipmunk is eager to begin school and even though she’s still 4, I thought we’d give this homeschool thing a real go!  I figured even if I mess it up, she can still go to Kindergarten next year (though I think we’ll be okay).  I recently read through the book, The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home, and the classical model of homeschooling really resonated with me.  For Kindergarten, our main goals are to learn how to read and do basic adding and subtracting.  I think I can handle that.


Here’s some of the resources we’ll be using along the way (most affiliate links below will take you to Amazon).  We snagged almost everything at our local library!  I’d love to hear what you’re using as well!

Take a peek at the resources we're using this year for Kindergarten Homeschool

Literature for Lively Lessons

This book takes children’s pictures books or national holidays and uses them as a springboard for classroom lessons.   We love picture book based lessons, so this is right up our alley.

Common Core Kinder Math

Even though I’m a little wary of Common Core as a whole, I have only good to say about this CD.  We especially love the “Zero the Hero” song.

Our Homeschool Picks for Kindergarten

Math Excursions K: Project-Based Mathematics For Kindergartners

This is a little treasure we found at the library and though it is filled with amazing lesson ideas based on Children’s books, all the suggested books are out of print (and were when the author suggested them!)  Not exactly helpful.  Even still, you can take the lessons and adapt them with new books, like we will soon be doing with a button lesson.  Stay tuned!

Our Homeschool Picks for Kindergarten

K4 Curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler

Even though we’re taking things easy this first year, I still wanted some kind of plan.  This curriculum is exactly what I was looking for.  So far, we’ve only done two weeks (week one was letter review and week two was number review), but I’m super impressed with the activity suggestions and all the printable resources that accompany the curriculum.  I bought the full version so I could download it all at once ($15), but I think you can also find most of the resources on her website for free.   This curriculum provides the core academic learning and I can fill in with more interest-based projects if I’d like.

Our Homeschool Picks for Kindergarten


Games With Books: Twenty eight of the Best Children’s books and How to Use Them

I just picked this one up from the library, so I haven’t used any lessons yet, but they look very promising!

More Stuff

We also picked up a bunch of alphabet themed music CD’s and books on CD for the kids to use and listen to during afternoon rest time.  Abigail has loved this activity, especially since I made her a special “reading pillow” to use during rest time now.  We’ve checked out almost every book on CD from our little library and had to make a trip to the big library down town to find more!

Our Homeschool Picks for Kindergarten

What About You?

Are you homeschooling this year?  What resources are you using?  I’d love to hear about them.  Leave me a comment!

Our Homeschool Picks for Kindergarten

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