How I Prepared for the Ministry {Guest Post}

How I Prepared for the Ministry {Guest Post}

A friend I met at The Gathering asked me to guest post on his blog today, telling how I formally prepared for the ministry.  He’s got some terrific people lined up for the rest of the week including Amy Dolan and Matt Guevara, so be sure to check back again.  I’ll get you started here, and you can jump over to Collie’s blog to finish it up!

Walking onto Geneva College’s campus that day, I had no idea what awaited me during the next four years.  I knew I was wildly excited.  I also knew I was extremely nervous.  Would I make friends?  Would I be able to keep up in class?  How exactly was I going to pay for tuition?  How homesick would I get?

Turns out, making friends is pretty easy when you’re a freshman. And classes?  Those ended up being absolutely amazing (all except Humanities that is!) I graduated Geneva with a double major in Human Services and Christian Ministries.  However, no matter what major you picked at Geneva, you heard a lot about Biblical worldview.  And I do mean A LOT.

At first, it was slightly annoying.  Even though I grew up in a Christian home, I wasn’t used to talking about the Bible THIS MUCH.

Head on over to Collie’s blog to see the rest!

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  1. Love your post! Thanks so much Lindsey!

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