How Use Family Meetings

How Use Family Meetings

No matter if yours is a family of two or ten, taking regular opportunities to get together and talk about “business” helps families connect and communicate.  Much like staff meetings in an office, family meetings offer a chance to share successes, brainstorm solution to problems, make plans, and set goals.  The idea is to create a specific time to talk about issues that may not have an opportunity to come up naturally in a conversation.

There is no magic age for children to participate in family meetings, as long as they can share their voice.  Children as young as two years old may enjoy getting in on a conversation about the day.  When the children are young, family meetings may being at the dinner table, as meal times are very conducive to discussion.  Over the years, as more family members are involved, meetings may be hold anywhere it’s easy to focus on communication and work through problems.

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This article was written by Kelly Bartlett, a parenting columnist on The Attached Family online magazine published by Attachment Parenting International. Check out the site at

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