How’s Your Summer Going?

How’s Your Summer Going?

This year, we decided to take a break from Vacation Bible School, and here’s our letter to the church explaining why:

We’re Taking a Break from Vacation Bible School

We love seeing all those kid faces flood into the church on VBS week.  The singing, the crafts, the games, and the costumes – what could be better, right?  We asked ourselves that same question — could we make a program that’s even better than VBS?  Something that might keep kids with us longer or something that might draw families as a whole in more?  As a Christian Education committee, we decided to give it a try.  These were our priorities:

  • Design a program the whole family could participate in.  Even though VBS was designed to be a family-friendly affair, it still seemed pretty kid-oriented.  We wanted something parents would feel comfortable attending as well.
  • Create a program that engages the community more.  So often when we create events, we hold them inside the four walls of our church.  We wanted something that stretches us out a bit more.  Maybe some kind of outdoor event?  Maybe something in the local neighborhoods? We wanted to be out where people simply passing by would see that the church cares for the people around it.
  • Build a program that is longer-lasting.  Because VBS is so often seen as “an event”, kids often swoop in for the week, and then swoop out at the end, never to be seen again.  Certainly, there’s value in the things they learned while they were with us.  Some of you may have even been saved during a Vacation Bible School program.  Praise God!  We want to see kids saved, and we also want to see them grow in Christ.  We wanted to build a program that encourage growing relationships – with church members, other kids, and of course with God.

So, with all that to consider, here’s what the Lord brought to our minds:

  • Monday Morning Story Time at Whitford Park, 10:30AM (Story, craft, snack)  (All summer)
  • Five Fabulous Friday Family Movie Nights, Dusk -11PM (July)
  • Wednesday Night “The Big Story” at ELRAC, 6:30PM (Story, hands-on activities, snack)

Good News for Volunteers

We know VBS was intense and exhausting.  Now, you have an opportunity to serve once a week for a few weeks, once or twice the whole summer, or become a big part of one program.  There’s a lot more flexibility for you!  Check out this Sunday’s bulletin for job descriptions (also on the Kids Ministry bulletin board) or give me a call to learn more!  Please pray about being a part of this exciting new step we’re taking to be a light to the world.  We’d love to have you on the team.

So, How’s it Going?

I’m so glad you asked!  We’ve done one movie night and a month of story time.  I’ve seen a number of story-time families out and about in the community, and it’s been fun being able to say hi and connect with them as a normal person!  I’m really excited about the connections we’re building and the relationships that are forming. Though I must say, volunteer power is SERIOUSLY low on this front.  Final report still in the works!

How About You?

What is your church doing this summer? Traditional VBS?  Sports Camp?  Backyard parties?  I’d love to hear how it’s going!  Leave a comment and let me know!

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