I Appreciate Cows!

I Appreciate Cows!

Today is a holiday unlike any other.  Today, I happily forego my dignity and pride to dress like a cow.  Not only do I dress like a cow, I dress my children like cows and their friends too.  And I convince others to dress like cows.  Because as the saying goes, “I’m not too Chicken to dress like a cow!”

Cow Appreciation Day!

 Everybody say “Moo!”

The reason for all this madness?

Free food.  Delicious chicken sandwiches and waffle fries.

Now, last year’s event wasn’t exactly up to par, but the lure of a spicy chicken sandwich was enough to convince me to don the spotted shirt once again.

Of course, the kids had outgrown their previous year’s costumes, so I had to whip up a couple of cow shirts before we headed out.

For my {almost} two year old, we went with the “Sporty Cow” look.

Cow Appreciation Day!

 Back of shirt

Cow Appreciation Day!

Front of Shirt

To make the shirt, I used the back of  some sea creature foam stamps along with some black acrylic paint for dots.  Just remember to put something in the shirt (old box or newspaper) so the front and back don’t stick together.

To write on the words, I used a little trick I saw on Pinterest.  Just take the lid off some glue and put it on the paint bottle and Voila you have an easy way to write some puffy letters!  Love it.

Easy Paint Trick

My three year old decided she was old enough to make her own costume, and she decided she wanted to be “Rainbow Cow”.  Fine by me as long as she gets some nuggets for free.  🙂

Cow Appreciation Day!  Erie, PA | Chick-Fil-A

Of course, she did spend a lot of time putting marker lids on her fingers.

Front and Back Cow Pictures

For her, she used Fabric markers and imagination to decorate the shirt.

Take a look at the whole crew!

Cow Appreciation Day!  Erie, PA | Chick-Fil-A

When we arrived at Chick-Fil-A, we received a hearty greeting and lots of compliments on our attire.  The staff was friendly and charming and the place was decorated beautifully.

Cow Appreciation Day!  Erie, PA | Chick-Fil-A

We spent a bit of time playing in the play place and then ate our fill of chicken, fries, and fruit cups.  Oh yeah, and the best lemonade in town. True Story.

Cow Appreciation Day!  Erie, PA | Chick-Fil-A

Of course, Mr. Cow made an appearance, and I’m pretty sure my three year old fell in love with him.

Cow Appreciation Day!  Erie, PA | Chick-Fil-A

There was a bounce house outside and face painting was scheduled to begin at 3:00PM.

Cow Appreciation Day!  Erie, PA | Chick-Fil-A

Even when it got SUPER crowded around noon, the staff was over-the-top courteous and very helpful.  “It’s my pleasure” rang loud and clear over the din of the crowd and all the kids had a marvelous time.

Job well done, Chick-Fil-A!


So, do you have plans for dinner?  If not, grab a Sharpie and make yourself into a cow.  It’s worth it.

Cow Appreciation Day!

Trust me. 

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  1. Haha! Awesome! Who wouldn’t love a rainbow cow? 😉

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