I Choose You Today (Book Review)

I Choose You Today (Book Review)

With the excitement of Valentine’s Day fresh in our minds, it seems like the perfect time to share some of my thoughts on a recent marriage book I read entitled I Choose You Today: 31 Choices to Make Love Last.  

I Choose You Today

The Good

  • The format of this book is very conducive to daily reading along with your devotional time.  The chapters are very short and can easily be finished before your first cup of coffee.
  • I love the concept of the daily choice in marriage.  Even with two very easy going people, there will still be bumps along the road and I love that this book affirms that every day is an opportunity to make a choice to do something good for your marriage.
  • The prayer at the end is helpful way to close the chapter and really bring the focus back to the power of God inside of a marriage.

I Choose You Today

The Bad

  • Maybe it’s just the season of life I’m in, but I found the chapters a little trite. In the last few months, I’ve seen two marriages fall apart and two close friends of mine try their best to fix things and hold things together, using many of the same suggestions found in this book.  Perhaps it would be good for preventative measures, but I didn’t find it an especially helpful book.
  • I especially didn’t like chapter 8 where someone called the author to suggest that her husband might have inappropriate feelings towards her.  Instead of considering the caller’s words, the author turned the accusation around and suggested instead that the woman had inappropriate feelings.  In the end, the woman who called did admit to feelings of affection, and she was “embarrassed beyond belief” in a meeting with the head pastor over the matter. Not only did it seem like a heartless way to handle the matter with the woman in question,  I was surprised that the author didn’t feel the need to address the matter at all with her husband, choosing instead to trust without condition.  While in theory, trust like that seems like a nice sentiment, it’s a very dangerous position to put your spouse in.   Both partners need to actively protect the marriage and that includes being wary about the potential to stray.  I found it particularly ironic that the following chapter centered on choosing to forgive when a woman was “completely blindsided” by the infidelity of her husband.
  • To me, the book seemed almost secular in it’s approach, putting the emphasis on personal choices, trying harder, and keeping at it even when things seem tough.  There was the prayer at the end of each chapter, but I didn’t feel that the book as a whole centered on the power and importance of God in the center of your marriage.

The Ugly

  • I couldn’t name anything particular disturbing or offensive about this book.  Certainly there were a few tidbits to pick up throughout the pages, but I wouldn’t recommend it as one of the best marriage books I’ve read to date.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are, of course, my own.

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