In Constant Prayer: Book Review

In Constant Prayer: Book Review

When I picked up this book about a month ago, I read through the first thirty pages or so before putting it down and pronouncing it the most boring book ever.  Of course, this was a great disappointment for me, since I was really looking for a book that would help to deepen my prayer life.  I’ve been reading through Francis Chan’s Forgotten God and have been convicted lately about tapping into the only true source of power for my ministry.  It didn’t look like Robert Benson’s book was going to be the winner.

HOWEVER, with the lure of new Valentine’s themed books on the horizon from Booksneeze, I was again motivated to tackle this book about ancient prayer.  I don’t know what changed between last month and now, but I when I opened the book again last night, I was completely captivated.

Flying through the next ninety pages, I felt completely in sync with what the author was saying about the desperate need for prayer in the church today.  Benson became a bit more relational, dropping the historical background for personal stories and succinct explanations about the daily office of prayer.

In Constant Prayer gives the reader a great overview of the daily office (or daily hour of prayer), explaining its roots, purpose, and even gives suggestions for starter prayer books.  Benson addresses the common fear or avoidance of liturgy and clarifies the purpose of using liturgy both in corporate and personal prayer.

There are so many gems in this book, I could not detail them all in this one post.  Over the next few days, I’ll be highlighting my favorite parts, sharing some especially powerful quotes and sections, and explaining the practicing of the daily office according to Benson.  For now though, I will leave you with a hearty recommendation to invest in this book.

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* Disclaimer: I received this book free from Booksneeze.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. thanks for a great review. i’ve been *knowing* i need to do something about my prayer life lately – it’s totally waning – and yet it can sometimes get to a period where I feel so uninspired and it’s such an effort. perhaps a good book would help cultivate more hunger…

  2. This sounds like the perfect book for your situation.

  3. Great post! That’s really very interesting.

  4. Thank you much for taking the time to read IN CONSTANT PRAYER in the first place, for saying kind things about what you read, and for sharing it with your friends. I am honored, humbled and grateful.

    And thank you especially, for coming back to it a second time.
    Be in touch.

    Robert Benson

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