Infuse Retreat: Church Tour

Infuse Retreat: Church Tour

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of joining together with a great group of fellow Children’s Ministry leaders at the Infuse Retreat with Jim Wideman.  During the retreat, there was a lot of learning and a lot of eating, and I loved getting to know these great people!

Infuse Retreat

While we were there, we were able to tour Jim’s church, Experience Community Church.  Just seven years ago, this was a church plant with only 3-4 people and a God-sized vision.   This year, on Easter Sunday, they saw 4,000 people come through their doors.

Since I always love checking out church spaces, I thought I’d share some pictures with you as well!

2016-04-14 12.55.00

This is one example of the many pieces of artwork displayed throughout the church, all done by volunteers who attend Experience.  It brings such beauty and warmth to the building.

Experience Community Church:  The Coffe Bar

Who wants some coffee?  I love that they use real mugs here — sending the message that this is a place you can dwell a while.

Experience Community Church:  My Story

This is along one side of the sanctuary and was part of a recent Worship night experience.  Church members were encouraged to write their story and how God touched their life on the board.

Experience Community Church:  How God changed my Life

I loved checking out the stories and seeing God move in real ways in the lives of the people.

Experience Community Church:  How God changed my Life

Honesty and simplicity.

Experience Community Church:  How God changed my Life

I love this permanent reminder of how God touched loves and how He will continue to do so in the future.

The Church Nursery

Church Nursery Ideas

Something that I had never seen before was the open concept church nursery.  There were three sections for three different age groups, but everything was surrounded by half-walls — allowing the parents easy visual access and the ability for team members (volunteers) to easily talk to each other as well.

Church Nursery Ideas

Here is the space for the littlest ones.  Mirrors and soft spaces were the main emphasis here.

2016-04-14 13.06.34

Here’s for the older infants — some of who may be crawling or walking and are looking for some fun toys to play with!

Church Nursery Ideas

This is the nursing mother room — complete with live feed, rocking chairs, and a changing table.

That’s it for now!

I hope it inspired you as well.

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