Jesus Calling: Book Review

Jesus Calling: Book Review

I had just returned from helping out at a youth camp (great experience) and was looking for a good devotional book to really help me connect with Christ. I searched all my bookshelves (as a book addict, that did take a bit of time), but came up short. Then, this book arrived in the mail (I forgot I ordered it from BookSneeze!) — perfect timing. I am so impressed. 

I am wanting to grow closer to God through prayer, so my plan has been this: I spend some time praying first and then read the day’s entry. It is unreal how the day’s entry often seems to speak right to my need. This is truly a gem. The entries are short enough for you to read over and over to really meditate and concentrate on them. It is a little weird they are written from “Jesus perspective”, but keep in mind this is the author’s journal — which she published, so it’s not like a mainstream devotional book. It is completely refreshing and a wonderful resource. The best devotional book I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a lot!).  You can pick up your copytoday!


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