Jesus is the Best Friend: Mary, Martha and Lazarus

Jesus is the Best Friend: Mary, Martha and Lazarus

This week, we’ll be wrapping up our series on Friendship.  We got the curriculum from Children’s Ministry Deals. The lessons are biblically solid and easy to teach, but my small group leaders did comment that they wished it was a little more geared towards building friendships between the kids.  We picked this topic because we’re having a little trouble with girl drama in the older groups. This series focuses on being faithful, sharing Jesus with our friends, and encouraging each other to do what’s right, but it doesn’t have a lot of specific practical steps to strengthen or rebuild hurting relationships.  Just to let you know!

This week, the main focus is:

The best friend you will ever know is Jesus.

The Scripture passage is: John 11:11-44

From this account, we can learn

  1. Jesus will always answer, though at times it seems that he is slow to answer
  2. There is no better comforter than Jesus
  3. Jesus gives us life

If you’re looking for some coordinating activities and crafts, you’ve come to the right place!

Mary, Martha and Lazarus Crafts and Activities

Mummy hot dogs

Lazarus Mummy Snack by SeaKettle

Lazarus Mask

Recreate the story with this mask from Crafting the Word of God

Lazarus Comes Back to Life

Play a Toilet Paper Game by Danielle’s Place (scroll down a bit)

Toilet Paper Roll Lazarus by Busy Bee Crafts

Jesus Will Always Answer: Activities

For the older kids, it might be a great idea to focus on the frustration that Mary and Martha must have felt towards Jesus when he did not come right away.  Have they ever prayed for something that went unanswered?  Does it ever feel like God isn’t listening or life doesn’t make sense?  Allow the kids to talk through things without worrying about answering all their concerns.  Assure them that church is a great place to express doubts and even grown ups sometimes wonder what God doing in their lives.

prayer board

Build a Prayer Wall with the Kids

You can find lots of great ideas on this Pinterest Board

I also love this idea from Chaos and Clutter about a Picture Prayer Wall 

I am the resurrection

Waiting on God: Talk with the kids about what kind of things Mary and Martha must have been feeling as they waited for Jesus.  Are there any other people in the Bible that had to wait a long time for God’s promises to comes true (Abraham, David, Joseph)?  Here’s a few lessons to get you thinking in the right direction from Children’s Desiring God.

Waiting on God Clock

Waiting on God Object Lesson via Creative Youth Ideas

Jesus Will Comfort You: Activities

Reading through Melissa McDonald’s new book, Missing, has reminded me that children do often face overwhelming circumstances and could benefit from some comfort in their lives.

If your group is close, you may want to ask the kids if they are going through a hard time.  If anyone does share, pray together as a group that Jesus will bring them comfort.  If no one feels comfortable sharing, perhaps you (the small group leader) can share a time that God brought you comfort.  Check out this object lesson for more ideas. 

Get Well Garland

Remind kids that sometimes we need comfort and sometimes we can comfort others.  Spend time making cards for the elderly or sick in your church to bring them comfort.  You can find some appropriate verses to include in the cards here.

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That’s all for now!

Happy Teaching!

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