John Branyan: CMLeaders Comedy

John Branyan: CMLeaders Comedy

At the end of Thursday night, CMLeaders surprised us with a fantastic comedian named John Branyan.   This guy was hysterical and a perfect way to end the first night.   Here’s some of my favorite lines from the night.

John Branyan

God makes funny stuff all the time.  He made West Virginia.

You can have tons of fun in church.  You can even have fun with apple juice. Put in an Budweiser bottle first.  Serve it to the kids in the nursery.

My kids have this little game they play at church.  While I’m standing around having conversations after church, they walk up and hand me things.  Last week, I ended up holding three papers, a potted plant, a random headband, and a pencil.  I look up to see those two just laughing in the corner.   Me?  I had a yard sale in my hands!

A lady came into church the other day, carrying her baby over her shoulder.  The family sat down in the row in front of me, so the baby was then facing me.  Moms — don’t do this!  It’s just not fair, a baby never breaks eye contact.  She stared at me for 20 minutes.  I finally had to poke her in the eye!

John finished up the night with a fabulous version of “The Three Little Pigs”.  Since my 2 year old has been obsessed with that story lately, I especially loved the ending.  Check out his video here or below!

Follow John on Twitter or grab his video with Tim Hawkins called Rockshow Comedy Tour on Amazon!  You can also check out his blog here!  I particularly like his post on “How To Tell if You are Male.”

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